How To Change Airpod Name

Are you looking to change the name of your AirPods? Did you know that changing the name of your AirPods is easy and only takes a few steps? If so, then this article is perfect for you! In it, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to change the name of your AirPods. Whether you want to give them an original moniker or just make them easier to identify among other devices, our guide will show you exactly what to do. So let’s get started!

Do you own an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad? Then follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to rename your AirPods in no time. First, open up your Settings app and then select Bluetooth from the list. From there, tap on the information icon next to the entry for ‘Airpods’ and then type in whatever new name you’d like for them. Once done, hit ‘Done’ and voila – your AirPod’s have been renamed!

Finally, if none of that worked out for some reason, fear not – all hope isn’t lost yet. You can also use your Mac computer (running macOS 10.14 Mojave or higher) to quickly rename your AirPods too. To do this, simply open System Preferences > Bluetooth > Select Your AirPods > Click Rename > Type in a New Name. And with that, you’re ready to go!
So don’t wait any longer – start renaming those AirPods now!

Overview Of Airpods

An overview of AirPods provides a look at Apple’s revolutionary wireless headphones. Equipped with powerful features, innovative design and superior functionalities, these earbuds have quickly become the go-to choice for many users. The sleek and compact design makes them portable and comfortable to wear, while their wide compatibility range means they can be used with most devices.

When it comes to features, AirPods offer an impressive array of options such as voice recognition technology for Siri support, advanced noise cancellation capabilities, long battery life and much more. Additionally, their special charging case lets you recharge both buds simultaneously in just 15 minutes.

The overall design of the AirPods is also noteworthy thanks to its lightweight construction combined with seamless integration into iOS devices with no additional setup required. It’s easy to see why AirPods are rapidly becoming one of the top choices among music lovers everywhere. With so many great features packed into such a small package, it’s clear that this product has revolutionized the way we listen to audio on the go. Taking all this into consideration, let’s move onto connecting your airpods to a device…

Connecting Airpods To A Device

Connecting your AirPods to a device is surprisingly easy. With the simple pairing process, you can have them set up in just a few minutes. To begin, open the settings menu on your device and select “Bluetooth” from the list of options. This will activate Bluetooth and give it permission to search for nearby devices. Once you see your AirPods appear under available devices, simply tap them to start the connection process.

The next step involves confirming that you are attempting to pair with your own AirPods by entering an authentication code which should be provided with your purchase or found printed on the back of their case. After entering this code, the two devices will connect almost instantly and audio playback should begin shortly afterward.

Now that we’ve gone over how to easily connect your AirPods to any compatible device, let’s move onto discussing how to customize their name for improved recognition among other bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

Opening The Settings Menu

To get the ball rolling, you’ll need to open up your AirPods’ settings menu. This is where any customization and preferences can be adjusted so you can make sure that your device works just for you. To do this, simply go back into the Bluetooth settings on your device and select your AirPods from the list of connected devices. Once selected, a new window will appear which contains all available options related to those specific earphones.

It should now become easy to spot the ‘Name’ option in the main menu as it stands out among other choices like equalizer or noise cancellation. Depending on what type of device you are using, getting access to this menu may require a few additional steps but nothing too complicated. For example, some users may have to scroll down until they see an icon labeled ‘AirPod Settings’ before being able to locate the right command.

Once inside the appropriate location, all that remains is selecting ‘Name’, typing in whatever moniker suits you best and confirming with a tap – after that; recognition between other gadgets should begin almost immediately with no further intervention required! Moving forward then let’s take a look at how we can easily find this particular setting within our AirPod’s extensive sub-menu.

Finding The ‘Name’ Option

Now that we know how to access the settings menu, it’s time to find the option to rename our AirPods. The ‘Name’ command should be relatively easy to spot as it stands out among other choices like equalizer or noise cancellation. Depending on what type of device you’re using, getting access to this menu may require a few additional steps but nothing too complicated.

For instance, some users may have to scroll down until they see an icon labeled ‘AirPod Settings’ before being able to locate the right command. Once inside the appropriate location all that remains is selecting ‘Name’, typing in whatever moniker suits you best and confirming with a tap – after which recognition between other gadgets should begin almost immediately without further intervention required!

With this knowledge, altering your wireless earphones’ naming conventions has never been easier; no more hassle when connecting them to another device or having multiple pairs registered under different titles. Now let’s move onto entering a new name for your AirPods – surefire way of avoiding any confusion going forward!

Entering A New Name

Unveiling a new identity for your AirPods can be almost as exciting as buying them in the first place. Like opening up a secret box of possibilities, entering the desired name and setting it in stone brings forth an entire realm of options.

To begin with, utilizing this newfound freedom to rename our wireless earphones is akin to painting on a blank canvas – what better way to fully customize one’s listening experience? With that said, let’s dive into how we go about making sure those changes are not only successful but also long-lasting:

  • Entering the Name: First off, after selecting ‘Name’ from within the settings menu you’ll want to make sure that whatever moniker you pick doesn’t exceed 10 characters. This is important since anything beyond this limit will cause issues when attempting recognition between other devices. Furthermore, try picking something memorable like your favorite animal or color – this should help avoid any confusion down the line!
  • Special Characters: In addition to length restrictions, special characters (like numbers or symbols) may not be supported depending on which gadget you’re connecting with so double check before finalizing your selection.

With all these considerations taken care of and the perfect name chosen accordingly now comes the time to save it and put it into action; no more need for extra steps everytime wanting to link up different gadgets!

Saving The New Name

Now that the perfect name has been chosen, we can move on to saving and applying it. This process is quite straightforward but there are a few steps one must take in order to confirm what they’ve entered.

First off, once you’ve double-checked your entry click ‘Rename’ at the bottom of the screen – this will cause any changes made to be saved automatically. However, before moving onto another device or disconnecting altogether make sure ‘Save’ appears beside your new moniker – if not then try entering it again as something may have gone wrong with recognition.

Lastly, after checking everything looks correct go ahead and hit ‘Apply’ – this should signify that all settings were successfully updated and ready for use! With that out of the way let’s now look into making sure these modifications hold up over time by verifying our change…

Verifying The Change

Having applied the name change, it’s now time to confirm that our modifications are accurate and up-to-date. To make sure everything is in order, we can take a few simple steps to verify our airpod name alteration.

Firstly, when you’re done with the renaming process double check your new moniker appears on both devices by reconnecting them back together – this should ensure they’ve been updated correctly and any changes made have stuck around. Secondly, if necessary undertake a quick ‘name check’ of your own through searching for either device individually or both at once – this will help troubleshoot any issues and make sure no unexpected discrepancies appear between what’s saved locally versus stored online.

Lastly, after ensuring all settings look correct try disconnecting then reconnecting again to see whether the update has taken effect – if not then repeat the previous step as something may have gone wrong during recognition earlier on. Now that these basics have been covered let’s move onto advanced renaming options…

Advanced Renaming Options

It’s possible to customize your airpod renaming beyond the basics we’ve just discussed. If you’re looking for some more unique name changing options, there are quite a few creative customization tips that can help bring out the best in your wireless earbuds. From funny nicknames to puns, there’s no shortage of ways to make your listening experience all the more personalised and enjoyable.

For starters, try thinking of ideas based on music or movies – this is an easy way to come up with fun names that reflect what you like and enjoy most. Secondly, if you own multiple sets consider naming them after family members or close friends – this adds another layer of sentimentality when it comes to connecting with others over audio. Lastly, why not get inspiration from characters in books or online sources? Whether it be alliterations or acronyms they offer plenty of scope for inventiveness when crafting those special airpod customizations.

With these helpful hints in mind, let’s now take a look at troubleshooting tips…

Troubleshooting Tips

If your airpods aren’t working as expected, there are several troubleshooting tips to help you out. The first step is to reset them and try pairing again – just press and hold the setup button on the back of each airpod for at least 15 seconds until the LED light flashes white. This will disconnect them from any other devices they’re connected too, allowing you to start fresh with a new connection.

You might also need to check if your device settings are up-to-date; ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and make sure there’s no interference in the area by moving away from any electronics or metal objects nearby. If none of these steps work, consider performing a complete restore via iTunes or iCloud – this should clear all existing connections and allow you to rename your airpods without any glitches.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that some users have reported having trouble connecting their AirPods after renaming them – so be sure to test out the new name before making it permanent! With all these helpful hints in mind, let’s take a look at best practices for naming your AirPods…

Best Practices For Naming Airpods

When it comes to naming your AirPods, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure the name is unique so that it doesn’t conflict with any of your other devices or those of someone nearby. Additionally, try to avoid using special characters or spaces when creating the new title – this can cause confusion for some systems. Here’s a list of tips for airpod renaming:

• Choose something memorable: Names like “My Left Earbud” and “Righty McRightface” might be funny but they won’t help you differentiate between multiple pairs of AirPods. Try to find a name that stands out but also describes the device accurately (e.g., “Rose Gold Earpods”).

• Personalize it: If you own more than one pair of AirPods, give each set its own distinct name (e.g., “Mom’s Airpods” & “Dad’s Airpods”) so that you don’t get them mixed up down the line.

• Keep it short: Long names will likely cause issues when trying to connect, so aim for something concise yet descriptive (e.g., “Work Earphones”).

By following these guidelines and double-checking before making any changes permanent, you’ll have no trouble coming up with an appropriate title for your beloved earbuds!


In conclusion, AirPods have become a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to listen to music or take calls while on the go. Renaming your AirPods is an easy way to personalize and identify them from other sets of headphones. With just a few clicks, users can quickly change their AirPod’s name with no hassle at all.

The fact that Apple has sold over 500 million pairs of AirPods should be enough evidence of how popular these wireless earbuds are today. This statistic alone shows how many people enjoy the convenience and comfort of having high-quality earphones without any wires getting in their way.

Renaming your AirPods doesn’t just make them easier to find – it also helps you show off your style and express yourself through the names you choose. Whether you want to stick with something simple like “Lefty” and “Righty” or get creative by giving them unique nicknames, renaming your AirPods is sure to put a smile on my face every time I reach for them!

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