How To Change your normal WhatsApp To WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp is a free social media network owned by Facebook Inc. Whatsapp was originally developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 and later sold to Facebook Inc in 2014.

Whatsapp is a cross-platform available for Android and IOS. It uses your phone network to let you send messages to your friends and loved ones. Whatsapp has over 1.6 billion users making it the top most used messaging app followed by Facebook Messenger.

Features Of WhatsApp

Whatsapp is packed with lots of exciting features. Below are the highlighted features of Whatsapp.

  • Texts – With just your internet connection, you are just a text away from getting in touch with your loved ones. There is no limitation on the number of texts you can send. This makes Whatsapp very interesting to use.
  • Group Chat – You can keep in touch with a group of people that matters most to you. Groups about topics or entertaining subjects can be created to share ideas.
  • Whatsapp Voice and Video Calls – With a strong internet connection, you can call and speak freely to your loved once. Not just only calls, you can video call to feel the presence of your family or loved once like you are present in the moment.
  • Whatsapp Web and Desktop – Whatsapp can be synced to your web so that instead of using your phone to chat whiles using your computer, you can use the computer to perform the same function using the web. Whatsapp also has made available Desktop apps for an easy install.
  • Photos And Videos – You can share photos and videos with your loved ones at any moment.
  • End-End-Encryption – By default, Whatsapp secures your data and messages so only you and the person you had a conversation with can read or listen.
  • Document Sharing – PDFs, Slideshow, Spreadsheets, and other document types can be shared on Whatsapp.

No wonder Whatsapp is the most used social messaging app.

Introduction Of Whatsapp Business

In early 2018, Whatsapp business was introduced. Whatsapp Business was introduced with small business and medium business owners in mind.

For business owners connect easily with their customers and create some sort of easy connection with consumers and suppliers was the reason the app was made.

Just like the normal Whatsapp, Whatsapp business has few extra features that make a business stand out. Just like Whatsapp’s personal profile option, Whatsapp business has a verifiable Business profile.

Stats can be viewed and measured in open/read rates. Whatsapp Business has autoresponder messages that make it simpler to respond to customers when you are away.

Broadcast list can be used to send messages to contacts or for business advertisement.

If you are a business and want to migrate from your normal Whatsapp to Whatsapp business, follow below steps.

Migrating From Normal Whatsapp To Whatsapp Business

  1. To begin with, first, create a backup of your normal Whatsapp account. It is highly recommended to do so in order to gain access to your previous data when inside Whatsapp Business.
  2. Download and Open the Whatsapp Business App. It is free and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.
  3. Review and agree to the Terms of Service and continue to accept the terms.
  4. Whatsapp business will automatically identify the number you are using in Whatsapp messenger. To proceed, tap on the option with your business number.
  5. The account transfer process will begin. Keep your Whatsapp Business App open and your phone on until the transfer process is complete. In the process where you are asked to restore from your Backup which is highly possible to be asked, Tap Continue or Restore.
  6. Allow Whatsapp Business access your Contacts and Storage so that Whatsapp Business can read from your contacts and storage.
  7. Create your Business Account. Fill out your Business name, Business category, and Profile Picture.
  8. Tap Explore to build your Business Profile. Business address and description can be added to the information to help your customers know about you.
  9. Business is now setup. You can begin using your account.


If you are business and looking forward to migrating your Whatsapp Messenger to Whatsapp Business, follow the above steps to move to Whatsapp Business to stay connected with your customers any day at any time.

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