How to Check and Update Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

MTN Mobile Money registration details are the particulars that are used to validate any MTN Mobile Money transaction you make in Nigeria.

The security of your Mobile Money account depends on the validity of your registration details, so it’s important to keep them updated at all times to prevent fraudsters from misusing them to drain your account balance and lock you out of your account.

Here’s how to check and update your MTN Mobile Money registration details if you haven’t done so in some time or at all.

About MTN mobile money

MTN Mobile Money is a service offered by MTN Ghana, where customers can send money using the MTN network.

What this means is that you don’t need internet connection to send money or recharge someone’s phone.

You only need an MTN number, which as most people know, is available everywhere in Ghana.

What does it take to register for an MTN Mobile Money account

Unlike the other networks which you can register directly from home, MTN hardly does that. The best way to register for MTN mobile money is to visit an authorised vendor with the necessary details:

  1. Mobile number.
  2. National ID Card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, NHIS Card, Passport or Drivers License).

With your ID card, details such as first name, last name and age will be taken for the registration process.

You will be asked to input your secret pin at the end of the process. In just some few minutes, your Mobile money account will be ready.

Steps to check your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

There is the need to check your mobike money details and confirm if all details are correct. This helps you to prevent fraudulent activities on your account and also does not put you into difficulties whenever there is a problem with your account. To check your registration details;

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose my wallet (option 6)
  3. In the next pop up, type # (for more)
  4. Then choose option 10.
  5. Your Mobile Money Name and Next of Kin will be displayed to you.
  6. Choose of option 1 if you want to change your next of kin.

What to do if your Mobile Money Registration details are incorrect

With an incorrect mobile money details, you need to act as fast as possible to make a change if you really want to use your account for a good cause. Incase you find your account details to be incorrect,

  1. Visit the nearest MTN Office with any valid national identification card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, NHIS Card, Passport or Drivers License).
  2. You will be directed to a customer care agent where you will be asked to make your complaint.
  3. Your ID card will be required after you give out your complaint.
  4. In some few minutes, your correct details will be amended in their systems.
  5. Recheck your registration details again to confirm the new change.

How to know if your Mobile Money account is innactive

There are a few indicators that suggest your account might be inactive.

  1. If you have not used it in the last six months. It becomes dormant.
  2. When you’ve attempted to make an inquiry but are unable to because of the account being frozen.
  3. When you try to use the account for an activity such as making transaction or buying airtime, data and it doesn’t go through.


In conclusion, it is necessary to check your mobile money details in order to confirm and make sure every detail is in your name. That will help you reduce fraud activities on your account or for you not to have difficulties when there is an issue with your account.

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