How To Check If Your Phone Supports 4G LTE And How To Enable It To Browse Faster

No matter what your purpose for browsing the Internet is, one thing you don’t want to deal with is slow connections.

The older the generation of your internet connectivity, the slower your internet speed becomes. That’s to say that the latest generations of the internet are by far faster than the previous ones.

Currently, the world is at the stage of the fifth generation of the internet called 5G technology.

But here in Ghana and most parts of Africa, we are on the 4G LTE connectivity as the highest.

The 4G LTE connectivity is five times faster than the erstwhile 3G technology.

So anyone using the 4G network can access four times the data someone using a 3G device will access within the same given time.

Interestingly, in order for you to use the 4G sim card in your device, your device must be built for 4G connectivity. Usually, one would check these specifications before purchasing a phone or device.

But, humans as we are, it is not out of place for us to fail to check this out of the excitement that comes with acquiring a new phone.

So, in this article, I’ll focus on how to check your phone to see if it’s 4G LTE compatible and how to enable it for faster internet connection.

How To Check The 4G Connectivity on your smartphone

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Select wireless and networks
  3. Select mobile networks
  4. Select preferred networks
  5. If your device is 4G enabled, you’ll see 4G there
  6. Select it and enable it.

If you don’t see 4G there, it means your device is not compatible with the 4G LTE connection.

And that calls for a replacement if indeed you want to enjoy higher internet speeds.


Most of the latest phones made support both 4G LTE and 5G so you wouldn’t have a problem with such phones. However, the very old generations of phones such as those released before the launch of 4G in 2012.

Most current iPhones and Samsung devices, as well as Itel, Infinix and Tecno phones, are 4G enabled.

If you have an older version of your SIM card, it is advisable for you to turn it in for a 4G replacement since you can only use a 4G network if your sim card and phone are both 4G enabled.

If your sim card is 4G enabled, you’ll see 4G LTE written on the starter pack. Also, if you enable 4G in an environment which doesn’t have 4G coverage, you tend to stress the phone network modules as they have to work extra to keep up with the requirements.

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