How to Check the Exact Time a YouTube Video was uploaded

You’re enjoying a YouTube video that’s getting a lot of attention, with a lively comment section and millions of likes. Have you ever wondered when it was uploaded? Could the timing affect its popularity or why it keeps showing up on your feed?

This article will explore these topics and provide you with the simple tools to view the exact time a YouTube video was uploaded.

Importance of Knowing YouTube Upload Time

To start using the YouTube upload time tools, why should you know the exact time a YouTube Video was uploaded? Well, there are real benefits of knowing the upload time of a YouTube video, especially if you are a creator and below are four key reasons why:

Content authenticity: If you have news channel on YouTube, the upload time plays an important role as it will represent how authentic your video or upload is and this is particularly valuable for journalists, fact-checkers, and researchers who rely on timely information.

Engagement Tracking: You benefit from the upload time by analyzing the video’s performance and engagement. You can do this by tracking the exact upload time and comparing it with views, likes, and other metrics, this helps you gain insights into audience behavior.

Copyright Protection: Creators can identify unauthorized copies of their content by knowing the precise upload time. This information enables them to handle copyright issues effectively.

Trend Analysis: This is a fact for trending videos as the upload time will help you as a creator stay ahead of the curve. The upload time will help you understand what contents resonates with your audiences and you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

How to See the Exact Time a YouTube Video

So how do you find the exact upload time of a specific video? Follow the methods below with each provided with a step-by-step guide:

Method 1: Using YouTube Data Viewer

You can find out when a YouTube video was uploaded by using a tool called YouTube Data Viewer. It also provides other useful information. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Locate the video on YouTube and copy its URL.
  • 2. Visit the YouTube Data Viewer site using any web browser.
  • 3. Enter the video’s URL into the site’s search field.
  • 4. Press the “Enter” button to get the video’s details.

You’ll receive precise details such as the upload date and time, along with other information like the number of views, likes, comments, and the video’s monetization status. Remember to adjust the upload time to your local time zone to determine the exact time of upload relative to where you are.

Method 2: Using an Extension

If you find it a hassle to leave your YouTube page or just don’t want to use a third-party website, there’s a Chrome extension that shows the upload time of videos. Just download the YouTube upload time extension from Google. Follow these steps:

  • Search for ‘YouTube Upload Time’ and navigate to Chrome store.
  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ and give it a small time to download.
  • On your YouTube page, click ‘Extensions’ on the top right corner and find the ‘YouTube upload time’ extension.
  • Click on the icon and your preferred YouTube upload time will be displayed on the top right.

Just pin the extension to your browser’s toolbar, and you can click on it to see the video’s upload time while you watch.

Why YouTube Don’t Share Videos Upload Time

One of the primary why YouTube don’t share the exact upload of a video is to prevent data misuse. For example, individuals might re-upload a trending video to give the illusion that it’s recent, which can detract from the original creator’s authenticity.

What is the best time to upload a YouTube Video?

Most estimates suggest the best time to upload a video is 3 – 4pm in the afternoon however a YouTube video really depends on the specific time zone and viewing habits of your intended audience.


Getting to know the upload time of a specific video can be beneficial however such information is not made public as people can misuse such feature. Following tips will allow you to view any YouTube upload time, which can assist in perfecting the timing of your content.

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