How To Check Your e-Zwich Account Balance Online

The rate of cashless transactions in Ghana has increased in previous times. Due to the availability of point of sales (POS) and ATMs in almost every part of the country, many people are now moving from carrying cash on themselves and are now adapting to the use of cashless mediums like mobile and cards.

Among the most used cashless payment methods is the e-zwich card which is used all over the country. E-zwich is the brand name for the Ghana National Switch and Smart card payment system. This payment system is an innovative method for improving the accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana.

With e-zwich, users are able to perform transactions using their card in the country and at some banks without having to create a bank account with the respective bank. Additionally, employers are able to pay their employee’s wages through their e-zwich cards.

Like all financial cards, there is always the need to check the balance you have on your e-zwich card. This process can sometimes be a little difficult but in this article, I am going to show you how to check your e-zwich account balance.

PS: Currently, there is no way you can check your e-zwich account balance online.

Features of E-Zwich Card

  • Electronic loading of funds
  • Biometric (fingerprint) identification
  • It is valid for ten (10) years
  • It is an account (one of the safest places to keep your money)
  • It can be used to receive salary and wage payments
  • The target customers are mass affluent
  • The cost of obtaining an e-zwich card in Ghana is free

Benefits of e-Zwich Card

  • Instant loading and transfer of funds using GPRS
  • It can do transactions at any bank in Ghana
  • You can deposit cash on it
  • You can use it to transfer cash
  • It can be used to receive your salary and wage payments
  • It can be used to make bill payments from any point of sale (POS) or ATM across the country
  • It is an easy payment method for paying for goods and services
  • It eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash
  • Because of the fingerprint identification, it is safe and secured

How To Check Your e-Zwich Account Balance

  1. Visit any of the e-zwich accepted banks in the country with a valid national ID document
  2. Ask the tellers that you want to check your e-zwich balance
  3. The e-zwich teller will ask you for some details and confirm that you are indeed the owner of the e-zwich card
  4. Your account balance will be checked for you for free


E-Zwich is one of the good payment methods that are available for Ghanaians at the moment. This is because unlike the other payment methods like debit and credit cards where you must create an account with a bank before you can be issued a card, you can get an e-zwich card from the selected banks without creating a bank account with them.

While spending with your e-zwich card, you have to check the balance you have in it. Or at the end of the month, you have to check to see if your employer has sent your salary. This process has been clearly explained in this article and once you follow them, you can check your e-zwich account balance.

Can you link your e-zwich to your bank account?

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is to visit your bank and then ask any of the tellers to link it to your account. Or if your bank provides internet banking, you can log into your account and then link your e-zwich to your bank account.

Can I replace my e-zwich card?

Yes. If you misplace or lose your e-zwich card, you will be given a new e-zwich card. But before that, your financial institution will go through the biometric process and if all the details match the one in their records, your new card will be issued to you.

How do I become an e-zwich agent?

Before you can become an e-zwich agent, you need some documentations like valid company registration documents, valid national photo ID, etc. Also, there are some logistics requirements depending on the type of agent you want to become. If you have all these documents, you can proceed to your financial institution for your agent application form.

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