How To Check Your Phone Number On MTN, Glo, Airtel And 9mobile In Nigeria

Checking your phone number of your network provider is quite easy. All service providers have a unique code you can dial on your phone to get your number stored up in your head really quick.

But that’s not the only way, there are much simple methods to get your phone number without even dialing a code. Want to know how? Read on!

If your phone number fall under one of these network providers in Nigeria, then this blog will teach you how you can check your phone number with all easy steps. Let’s get started!

How to Check Your MTN Phone Number in Nigeria

If you are a new user on MTN Nigeria, you check your number with three easy methods either using your smartphone or keypad. Follow the methods below:

Using USSD Code

Simply check your MTN number by dialing *123# with your phone. Next choose “My Number” option then wait for prompt to load. Your MTN phone number will be displayed on your phone screen.

You can also dial USSD code *123*1# which will display your phone on your screen immediately.

Using MTN App

You can check your new MTN number by downloading the MTN App from Google Playstore or App store. After downloading the app, simply open it and your new number will be displayed on the dashboard.

Using Customer Service

Simply call MTN Nigeria customer service on 180, follow prompts to speak with a representative and explain to them you want to know your MTN number and they will assist you free.

How to Check Your Glo Phone Number in Nigeria

If you are a new Glo user then you must be lucky as you will save lot of cash on data and airtime packages. Here is how you can check your number:

Using USSD Code

For Glo, simply dial *138*8# with your Glo line. Wait for some few seconds and your phone number will be ready on your phone screen. Now you can save your phone number for future reference.

Using Customer Service

Simply call Glo Nigeria customer service on 121, follow prompts to speak with a representative and explain to them you want to know your Glo number and they will assist you free.

Using ‘My tariff plan’

This is also a USSD code format to check your Glo number. Simply dial *777#, select option 4 ‘My tariff plan’ and select option 3 ‘My number’. This will display your number on your phone screen.

How to Check Your 9mobile Phone Number in Nigeria

9mobile offers huge welcome bonuses when you activate your new SIM so knowing your number is worth it. You can check your 9mobile number by following these three easy methods:

Using USSD

Simply dial *248# on your 9mobile line, this will immediately show your number with no further prompts or any charges.

Using Customer Service

Call or dial 200 to reach out to a customer care representative on 9mobile. Carefully follow prompts to speak with an agent and explain you want to know your phone number. This is free and with no charges.

How to Check Your Airtel Phone Number in Nigeria

Airtel is fast and secure with longer lasting data packages, also checking your number on airtel is much easier, follow these methods:

Using USSD

You can check your Airtel number by dialing *121*3*4# in on your phone. Follow prompts and you will find an option to check your number. No charges applied.

Using Airtel App

You can download the Airtel app form Google Playstore or App store. Luch the App and you will find information about your account balance, including our Airtel number on the app’s dashboard.

Other Simple Ways to Check Your Phone Number

There are two other simple ways you can check your phone number on any network provider in Nigeria. This can be done by the following these methods:

Using Smartphone

This method is pretty easy, but only applies to those having a smartphone (Android or IOS). Simply follow this procedure on your smartphone to get your phone number:

On Android:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Scroll down and select ‘About Phone’
  • Tap on “Status’’ and locate “My Phone number.” Your phone number will be displayed.

On iPhone:

  • Tap on ‘Settings’
  • Search or tap on ‘Phone’
  • Look for ‘My Number.’ Your number will be displayed.

Using Text Message or Call

If you have two phones or a close relative, you can simply get your phone number by sending an SMS. This can be any message like “Hello” or “Yo” and this will show your phone number along with the SMS. You can also do same by calling to reveal your phone number.


Checking your phone number in Nigeria is quite easy and can be done in several ways like using USSD codes, using Customer care or evendownloading an App. Choose which method best suits your needs and feel free to share this article to assist others.

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