How to Connect Subway Surfers to Facebook

The easiest way to store your progress in games is definitely through Facebook integration. Additionally, playing with friends is made possible by linking your account to Facebook.

How are Facebook and Subway Surfers connected? You may learn more by reading the manual.

You must go the settings page and choose the option for connected accounts in order to link your account.

Choose Facebook and confirm the login process after that. The game is now ready for you to play.

Follow the instructions below to link Facebook to Subway Surfers if you are using iOS, which includes an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Following the Subway Surfers app installation on your iPhone and Android.
  2. Choose Facebook as your login option by tapping to open.
  3. Simply adhere to the next directions to finish procedures.

Fix iPhone won’t connect to Facebook in Subway Surfers

If your iPhone is having any connection issues with Subway Surfers. Logging out of Facebook and uninstalling it is the simplest way to solve this. Numerous people concur that in most cases, this provided a solution.

Benefits of Linking Subway Surfers and Facebook

Facebook connections may be made informally as well as formally. You also get a number of useful advantages from it. The advantages of connecting to Facebook are listed below.

Having Fun with Friends

You’ll be able to interact with your Facebook pals in-game. They can compare records with you, giving you a new objective for the game. The linking of Facebook and Subway Surfers ends there. I sincerely hope you find my advice useful.

Specialized Skin

You may obtain a unique Dino skin by logging onto Facebook while playing the game. Not only this, though. You also receive 25 hoverboards, 10 keys, and 5000 money. The finest beginning bundle available for Subway Surfers is this one.

Protecting the progress

The game Subway Surfers doesn’t need wifi. Your gaming account is not stored in the cloud of the server. As a result, your account is deleted when you uninstall the game. Consequently, Facebook connection is required.

Additionally, you may use any device, even a PC, to play the game by connecting to Facebook.

If you wish to switch to a different account, connect Subway Surfers to Facebook.

  1. Go to settings if you’re using an iPhone.
  2. Access Facebook.
  3. Disability Subway Riders.
  4. Restart your device and activate Subway Surfers again.
  5. You may now select another account upon login.

NB: (Android phones can also be used with this technique.


You can correct the approach to enable you to access your Facebook contact list once again. I hope this aids you in solving the problem. Please share this page if you have any further queries and don’t forget to use the comment section.

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