How To Convert Webm And Mp4 In A Software?

You might be a vlogger, a video editor, or want to play videos and different formats to learn more about videography. Stay tuned, as, in this article, we will highlight a number of the key factors that you should know while converting a WebM and MP4 format using VLC player software. 

Our today’s wisdom pack also contains some of the hot converters available online that convert your files in a matter of seconds for free.

Before we move onto the step by step process on how to convert your files, let’s first look into what these formats are; 

What is WEBM?

WebM can be considered as the alternative to HTML5 video tags. This format supports Vorbis audio and VP8 video streams. It’s widespread because of its ability to be supported by most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. However, to use WebM through explorer and safari, a third-party protocol is required. The latest Android versions support this video format, yet another reason for its popularity among smartphone users. 

What is Mp4?

MP4 or MPEG4 is the most used file format for video download and streaming universally. It is the most compatible and authentic international standard audio-visual format. MP4 is the compatible digital container of formats such as image, audio, video, and text. The best part is the compression applied by MP4 doesn’t decrease the quality of the video and is web-friendly as well.

Why Move from WEBM and MP4?

If you need to be sure that the audio-visual content’s quality is not compromised while compressed properly, then MP4 conversion is the way to go. Here are some more reasons for choosing the conversion of WebM and MP4.

  • The WebM container format is mainly used on browsers, and without much difference between the two formats, WebM results in smaller file sizes. Still, these files are not compatible with phone or other device browser streaming. WebM is specifically designed for web use; its compression generally decreases the quality.
  • Mp4, also known as MPEG-4, is the container format that can hold images, videos, audio, subtitles, and 3D graphics. It works ideally for vloggers and video marketing practices.
  • As compared to Webm, MP4 produces better resolution quality and supports multiple platforms. Hence, it can be easily distributed across platforms to grab higher viewership. 
  • It is mostly compatible with all applications and tools, making it easier to integrate and edit upon whether you are using it on your phone for Instagram edits or on your pc for elaborate editing. 
  • WebM does not offer smooth streaming with high quality on other devices, and as nowadays people are mostly on their phones, so if you want to hit a large huge audience, then go for the MP4 format for your videos.

Easy Steps to Convert WEBM and MO4 using Software

With the growing transition of internet traffic towards phones from all other devices due to increasing application usage, one has to produce online video content keeping in mind the format compatibility for higher viewership.

Marketing research proves that video and audio are the next biggest search engine, with more and more people downloading and live videos online. Here we bring you the easiest steps to quickly and smoothly convert your webM content into MP4.

  1. On your desktop, double-click the VLC player icon.
  2. The VLC player would be open and on the top menu, click Files.
  3. From the dropdown, click on the arrow with Convert/Save option.
  4. A dropdown will be shown; click on convert.
  5. A window will appear having the path of your .webm file as the source; now click on the Add button on the right.
  6. Now select the desired .webm file and click Open.
  7. Now on the bottom right corner, click on the Browse button.
  8. Select your desired output folder and give your new mp4 file a name.
  9. Then click on the Start button.
  10. On the VLC time bar, you will see the conversion progress.
  11. After the conversion finishes, close the VLC media player.
  12. Now go to your output folder, and you can see the file name that you saved.
  13. Right-click on it and select properties under Type of file; you can see the file format is .mp4.

You have successfully converted a WebM and MP4.

Using Online Converters

Getting things done online and on the go is always preferred by everyone. Online converters allow us mobility and ease of conversion no matter where we are. Here we have a list of some of the best online converters. These converters are free of cost and produce high-quality outputs. 


Ontiva is an online free high-speed Converter tool that allows you to do unlimited YouTube WebM videos to MP4 conversions. It offers you unlimited downloads, provides a clipper for videos, and much more. The best feature of this service is its easy interface and quick few-clicks experience. For WebM and MP4 conversion or any other format conversion, follow these steps: 

  • Copy and paste the link of the video you want to convert from youtube webM into the option box
  • Select conversion format as MP4 with the resolution you are seeking to convert at.
  • Select default if you are unsure of the resolution, and it will work perfectly.
  • Click to download the MP4 file!


Yet another great tool to convert your files into several formats. While it can convert WebM to MP4 easily, it is also widely used for editing audio and videos. It offers a variety of features from conversions to compressions and much more. It has a 3 step procedure.

  • Choose the desired WebM file from your device and upload it. 
  • Select the MP4 format you want to convert it to and click convert.
  • Download the converted file easily.

Online UniConverter (Originally

This online converter offers a smooth and easy experience of file conversion online. It has a free and paid plan if you are looking to get some reliable solution for your high-level corporate needs. The process of converting your WebM and MP4 is simple three steps:

  • You can drag & drop the desired video files into the application. 
  • Choose the conversion format as MP4 and click convert.
  • Download your files or add them to your dropbox.

As the world is pacing faster with personal and professional engagements growing by the second, it is best to maintain a tool kit for all those applications that offer mobility and ease. Professional vloggers and video editors can now get maximum productivity through these amazing free online applications and software to convert their WebM videos to MP4 swiftly and with the best resolution possible. 

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