How To Convert Your Old Analog TV To Digital

Change is the only constant thing that has existed in this world for as long as the world has existed.

Many things have had to change over the course of the past centuries and millenniums.

One thing that has however seen tremendous changes in the past century or so is technology and its impact on the livelihood of people.

Some years back, television sets came as a box with a cover which had to be unlocked with a key before one could tune in to their preferred TV channel to watch.

Eventually, there was a transition from black and white television sets to coloured television sets, therefore making viewing more pleasurable.

Subsequently, TV sets and television transmissions have moved from the analogue age to the digital age.

Today, you can capture all TV stations in the world by installing a satellite dish and connecting your TV set to it. This was never the case previously.

Unfortunately, the old and analogue Television sets cannot benefit from the digital area of television transmission which comes with the satellite dish.

However, there is good news for those who still have such analogue television sets. They can still have access to the digital system without necessarily having to change their TV sets altogether.

In this article, I shall discuss with you how to convert your analogue Television into Digital Television.

Converting Your Analog TV into Digital TV

Naturally, this would sound rather impossible but don’t doubt anything in the face of technology.

Since the TV set is analogue and the idea is for you to convert it into a digital TV, there is the need for a converter to convert digital data into analogue data for the TV set to read and interpret for the viewer.

Every Satelite and digital tv comes with an in-built Satelite receiver and decoder which automatically receives signals from the satellite dish and interprets it for the TV to use.

However, in the case of the Analog TV, there is no such in-built device or decoder hence the need to purchase and use an external decoder which functions perfectly as the in-built decoder used in Digital Television sets.

So, for you to convert your analogue Tv into digital Tv, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a digital and satellite decoder from any reliable electronic shops around.
  2. Purchase a set of satellite dish receiver.
  3. Get an accredited installer to install the dish for you and connect it to your TV.
  4. Turn on the decoder, turn on your TV and start enjoying digital television.

Note: there is the need for you to get an accredited or a certified dish installer to take care of this so that you do not mess up the system. It requires some technical values.

Types Of Tv Decoders Available

When you are caught in a situation like this, there are lots of options for you to choose from in terms of your choice of a decoder to buy.

However, some decoders are considered to be of more quality and last longer than others.

Here, I’ll try to list some of the best decoders available on the market and how you can acquire them.

  1. The Multi TV Digital Satelite Combo Decoder. This decoder comes from Multichoice Multimedia, the owners of MultiTv, DSTV and many other TV production firms. You can get the Multi TV Digital Satelite Combo Decoder from any Multichoice office nationwide or any electronics shop around.
  2. Strong Tv Decoder. This is also free to air TV decoder which gives you access to all digital and satellite TV channels for free. You can get a strong Tv Decoder from all electronics shops across Ghana.
  3. Quality Syndicated Tv Decoder. It is also another Digital and Satelite Decoder which gives you access to thousands of channels at no extra cost. You can get it on all online electronic shops in Ghana and also in any electronic shop nearby.


The world has gradually turned to the digital way of doing things. Many things which once upon a time were analogue in nature, have tremendously changed to the digital era.

Television signal transmission has also been affected by this change. When you go to most parts of the world today, Digital television has dominated their TV viewing experiences.

The story is not any different in Ghana. This situation, therefore, leaves those using the analogue Television sets out of what is happening in the world presently.

In order not to be left out, there is the introduction of Digital and Satelite TV decoders to help transform these TV sets into digital TVs.

In this article, I took you through the steps involved in converting your analogue television set into digital television.

I hope the content of this article was helpful to you and that it answered all the questions you had in mind.

If you have any questions, comments and reservations regarding this article, kindly let me know in the comment box below.

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