How To Download Instagram Stories On Mobile

In early 2019, Instagram’s story grew to over 500 million daily users. This shows that over half of Instagram’s 1 billion daily users make use of Stories. Individuals and businesses use the Story feature to promote their business, educate or entertain their fans or to convert users to clients.

Instagram stories willingly let Instagram users post videos and lovely pictures that vanish instantly after 24 hours. 

We mostly come along to an interesting photo or incredible video on stories which we’d tenderly love to have but Instagram frowns on letting users download images and videos from other accounts for privacy reasons.

More importantly, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to download images and videos from other people’s accounts which do not necessarily involve a breach of privacy.

For example, you might want to save a video from a friend’s story which includes you or reuse a video that falls under your own business niche for business purposes.

Today, we are going to look at the different ways you can follow to save your own stories and stories from other people’s accounts.

Saving Your Own Stories

As mentioned earlier, images or videos posted in stories have a time bomb of 24 hours. They disappear with no traces, however, you can access them via Archive or you can save and show them permanently as highlights.

Stories saved in your Archive or Highlights can only be seen by you. To toggle Story Archive on, go to your Profile > Settings > Privacy and Security > Story Controls. Enable the save to Archive toggle.

There is also a secondary option for saving stories to your Phone’s Camera Library. To save a single story or individual clip from your own account, here is what you do.

  • Go to your story
  • Tap on More
  • Press Save, then press save video.

Your clip or story will be saved in your phones’ camera library.

One may ask the need to save your stories on the phone. Saving stories on phone is useful if you want to share the same content on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Alternatively, you can enable the option “Save to Camera Roll” at the Instagram story settings menu to automatically save your stories to your phone’s camera library.

Saving Stories From Other Accounts

For non-moving images or still images, Screenshot is extremely useful. After the screenshot, you can remove unwanted parts of the image by editing. However, screenshots don’t work for Videos.

For video stories, we apply the use of third-party apps on Mobile devices. A lot of third parties are available that offer the same function. For tutorial’s sake, I will mention some of the popular apps available including, StoriesIG, Story Saver, Weynstag, etc.

On Android devices, Story saver can be downloaded freely on Google Play Store. After installation, Open and log-in with your IG details. Once successful log-in, you can download stories from all the accounts you follow. The only drawback of Story Saver is the many ads served in the app.

On IOS, download and install Story Reposter from the IOS app store. With the Story Reposter, Logging-in to the app is not necessary. You can search and download stories from users with their handle names. This app is free, but the only setback is the many ads they serve.


There are over a million Instagram photos and videos shared on Instagram stories daily. Since Instagram does not allow downloads on other people’s accounts, videos, and photos that catch our attention always vanish forever after 24 hours.

In this article, I have provided some of the ways you can follow to download Instagram stories on your mobile device. If you also have any knowledge of the discussed topic, please feel free to leave a comment.

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