How To Earn an MBA From The Comfort of Your Home in 13 Months

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic taught the entire world, the need to invest more in e-learning platforms. For universities and institutions that had e-learning platforms already, the COVID-19 pandemic did not really interrupt their academic delivery, but for the rest, it had some negative effects on them.

It is because of these unforeseen circumstances that I am going to show you how you can sit in the comfort of your home and earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the comfort of your home anywhere you are in the world in less than 2 years.

The dream of most university students all over the world is to get a cheap and flexible master’s degree upon completion of their undergraduate studies, but due to financial constraints and some other personal reasons, these undergraduates are not able to find a suitable master’s degree.

There is nothing more stressful than working during weekdays and going to school on weekends for a master’s degree program. Even during the week, there are some assignments and projects you need to submit to your supervisor.

Even though there is an option for students to enroll in full-time master’s degrees, this option means the student will not be able to work while schooling. Except for the government and some private institutions that provide paid school leave for their workers, some companies will have to terminate the contract with the worker if he or she intends to enroll in full-time studies.

Because of the termination of the contracts, the students will have to pay for their fees and fend for themselves without any job and this is very frustrating and stressful. To avoid the option of terminating your contract or quitting your job for a master’s degree, Quantic School of Business and Technology provides students with a self-paced Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

What is Quantic School of Business and Technology?

Quantic School of Business and Technology is a registered tertiary institution located in Washington in the United States that provides 100% virtual master’s degree programs to students all over the world. QSBT is also accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC).

QSBT provides two (2) main types of master’s degrees, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (for entry-level professionals) and the Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) for mid-level business professionals.

Compared to the other universities in the world, Quantic School of Business and Technology has a shorter program duration (13 months), high acceptance rate (no matter your race or background), high scholarship acceptance, low tuition fee, and mobile-first curriculum.

How To Earn an MBA From The Comfort of Your Home in 13 Months

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll to the button of the page and click on APPLY TO THE MBA
  3. Enter your full name, email address, and your preferred password in the spaces provided
  4. Fill in all the required information and choose your preferred scholarship package
  5. Submit your application afterward
  6. Upon successful completion of the application, a confirmation message will be sent to the email provided
  7. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and if you qualify, you will be scheduled for a virtual interview to learn more about the program and your skills
  8. After the interview and you meet the requirements, your admission offer will be sent to your email together with the scholarship package (either full or partial)
  9. Otherwise, you will have to pay the fees stated in your admission letter
  10. Follow the next steps stated in your admission letter and enjoy your MBA from the comfort of your home
  11. Continue learning and earn your globally acknowledged MBA certificate in 13 months’ time

What Can You Do While Waiting for Your Admission Offer?

After you submit your application, there are several things you can do to prepare your mind for your MBA. Quantic School of Business and Technology (QSBT) provides every applicant with free six (6) business foundation courses to prepare them ahead of their application decision.

The six courses include Customer Discovery, Finance: Time Value of Money, Marketing Fundamentals, Microeconomics I: Supply and Demand, Accounting I: Fundamentals, and One-Variable Statistics. Complete courses to earn certificates and downloadable summaries.

Quantic Online MBA Curriculum

During the 13-months period, these are the courses you will study for your MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology (QSBT).

  • Markets & Economics (6 courses)
  • Accounting (6 courses)
  • Data & Decisions (8 courses)
  • Leading Organizations (7 courses)
  • Marketing and Pricing (8 courses)
  • Strategy (6 courses)
  • Supply Chain & Operations (5 courses)
  • Finance (7 courses)
  • Entrepreneurship (4 courses)


Earning an MBA has never been this simple, instead of buying forms at the bank and a whole long process, you can simply follow the steps below to apply for free and if you meet the requirements, you can enjoy up to 100% scholarship.

If you need expert help and guidance during your application, you can feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you out. Please share with all your friends, so that they can also enjoy this amazing package.

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