How to Find Past BECE Questions and Answers

Preparing well and taking the proper steps to ensure that you pass the BECE can be invaluable to your future success in life, but one of the most important factors in being prepared is knowing what exactly will be on the test, as well as how you’ll need to go about answering each question.

Luckily, if you know where to look, there are multiple sources available to you that can help familiarize yourself with both past questions and answers so you can prepare yourself properly.

About BECE Examination

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is a national examination in Ghana that is administered by the West African Examination Council with the support of the Ghana Education Service to access basic level final year students who wishes to continue their education to the secondary level.

What you should know about past papers

Past papers are often a go-to resource for students who are looking for questions and answers. They’re also a helpful study tool if you’re taking the exam soon.

Where can I find BECE past questions and answers?

There are several ways one can have access to past BECE questions and answers. With the use of the Internet, there are several websites who boast of assisting students who wish to have access to bece past questions in order to prepare towards the exams.

1. Question Bank Gh

Question Bank Gh is an online repository of learning resources for BECE and WASSCE candidates in order to better equip them for their final examination. The website contains past exam questions, possible answers and examiners’ review.

The materials in the system were obtained directly from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and are therefore authentic in every way. They remain the property of the Council and were compiled with the express consent of the Council.

Questionbankgh is user-friendly and can be accessed through the steps below;

  1. Open the website by typing
  2. Create an account to register by
    clicking on sign Up.
  3. Fill in the form by providing your
    accurate information such as username, password, etc.
  4. Make payment online using your momo or credit card details.
  5. After successful registration, go back to website home page.
  6. Choose login and enter your username and password to be able to access your dashboard.

For more information or queries, contact them on 0265532021/0551706089/0551706089

Emaim: [email protected]

2. Wordpub BECE Download

Wordpub BECE download boast of uploading free bece past question pdf for their visitors. All you need to do is to visit their website and glance through for what you wish to download. In no time, you will have a full pdf of past questions and answers at your glance.

For more information and queries, call 0248506613.

Whatsapp: 0208930787

Email: [email protected]

3. Apps on playstore

There are sseveral apps on Google playstore that updates their system with BECE past questions. Others for free and others too for a fee. Syllabus GH and BECE Passco is an example of such apps.

4. Book shops, tutors and peers

The internet should not be your only source of search for past questions. The old search method of seeking can still be applied. There are several bookshops who has in their possission past questions for final year students and all. Visit any bookshop nearby and make a request. You can also ask from your peers and tutors and a positive results may possibly come out.


Every final year student would want past questions as their study guide. The search for some has now been made easier through the Internet. Load your wallet, pick your phone, and within a short possible time, you can have loads of them of your phone with any of the steps above.

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