How To Find Someone On Social Media Using Just Their Name

Social media is certainly a brilliant and sure way to get in touch with friends, mates and relatives all over the world.

Interestingly, due to the number of individuals on these social media platforms, finding someone may become a daunting task to perform.

In this article, we shall focus on teaching you how to use someone’s name to identify them on social media today.

Finding Someone On Facebook Using Their Names

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media over 1.7 billion users in total. More than ever, there’s a possibility that whoever you want to find on social media has a Facebook account.

Let’s consider some ways of finding that person on Facebook using their name.

The first way of finding someone on Facebook is by typing their full name in the search box on your Facebook newsfeed.
After typing the name and searching, click on ‘people’ to limit the search to personal accounts. You can then look through the profile pictures of the final results to see if the one you seek is in the list.

The second option is by searching with friends of friends. One interesting thing about life is that for every person we know, there are one or two other people who are mutual friends.

On Facebook too, most times our friends have friends we both know in common. So, to find someone on Facebook using their name, you can visit a friend whom you feel could already be friends with the one you are searching’s Facebook profile.

Search through their friends’ list until you locate the name of that friend whom you wish to add. Then add them as your friend.

How To Find Someone On Twitter Using Their Name

Finding someone can be a little bit difficult due to the feature which enables people to have their handles different from their username. Someone with the name Kofi Agboga can use the handle @Spicykofi.

So, in order to get the best results, type the person’s full name in the search box, on top of your twitter feed without attaching the ‘@’ symbol.

Then, select the ‘People’ filter to limit the search to personal accounts only.

Check through the list of search results and follow the person when you finally locate their account.

How To Find Someone On Instagram Using Their Name

Similar to Twitter, Instagram has the handle and account feature which makes it a tad difficult to locate accounts using their handles.

As such, in order to find an Instagram account, type the person’s full name in the Instagram search box.

Then, select the accounts option to limit the search to user accounts only. You can then pick the person from the list of accounts.

Also, you can search for the person’s account on google. In order to do this, type the person’s full name and add ‘Instagram Account’ and search on google.

For example, if you’re searching for Godwin Gabla, type ‘Godwin Gabla Instagram Account’.

From the search results, you click on the one that matches your search terms.


The easiest way to find someone on social media is by asking them for their handles and adding them up. However, when that becomes impossible because you are not in touch with the person, then the methods above become your best bet.

However, you must know that it may get very difficult and you may have to dig further since people tend to use weird names on social media. If the names do not match their original names which you know, then there is much more work to be done than what has been listed above.

However, if that isn’t the case, you should be able to crack it with the methods provided above. Kindly share your comments with us in the comment box.

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