How To Generate Your Personal Or Business WhatsApp Link to get more customers

Every day in and day out we use WhatsApp this popular messaging app has made it known to us that there are over 65 billion messages sent on the app each day meaning this app is more than popular.

The app was released in May 2009 and it allows users to send and receive messages, make voice notes and video calls and conference calls share locations, images and documents.

Google decided to buy WhatsApp for $10 billion but WhatsApp rejected the offer and then Facebook joined the race and on February 19, 2014, Facebook bought the popular messaging app for $19 billion.

The reason why many people fell in love with this mobile app is how you can use to send and receive messages fast and also this app does not take too much data as compared to the other social media apps we know.

Also for people who hate seeing ads, this app does not make ads on the app, the app started as a paid app and later rolled it out for free for people to use because the main aim of the developers was to make people send and receive messages without paying for it using the internet.

Not forgetting about your messages on if it can be hacked or not, the good news is that WhatsApp messages are encrypted and there is no way someone or hackers can get access to your messages if you don’t give your phone to that person.

WhatsApp didn’t end that there, they continued adding more features to make the app very appealing to use, features like status and group videos were added and also sharing of location was also added.

One thing about WhatsApp is that to chat with somebody, you must first have the person’s number to chat with. 

But what if you have a business and many people want to chat with you and you cant give your number or add their number one by one? As an individual, many people will want to chat with you maybe for help or guidance and you cant give your number to each one of them one by one.

That is why in this article I am going to guide you on how to generate your personal or business WhatsApp link 

Maybe you have installed WhatsApp business and has been using it to chat with your customers and also you want to share your chat link to your customers so that anybody can have a direct chat with you without having to store your number then follow these steps.

  1. On your WhatsApp business app, tap on the three vertical lines and click on Settings
  2. Select Business Settings
  3. Tap on Short Link
  4. You will see your WhatsApp link, now copy it and share it to anybody, when someone clicks on that link, he or she can directly chat with you without having to store your number. You can also set a default message, anybody who will click on the link to chat with you, that message will appear for the person to continue writing or send that message to start chatting with you.

To generate your WhatsApp link all that you have to do is to type the web address so if your number is +233244419419, then your WhatsApp link will be

Final Words

Now its easier to chat with someone without the need to store the person’s number. In this article, we went through how to generate your WhatsApp chat link and also WhatsApp business link for people to chat with you easily. 

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