How to Get an Alert When BECE & WASSCE 2022 Results are Released

BECE and WASSCE are regional examinations conducted in Ghana to determine whether candidates have met the minimum educational requirements for entry into Senior high school, tertiary institution or employment.

These examinations are annual tests that happen mostly around June, September, or October each year. After the examination, students are now to wait for the release of the results in order to know their fate.

Releasing exams results in Ghana does not have a specific time as every academic year something new happens. So now, how will you know when your BECE or WASSCE results get released?

When the examination ends, it is now time for marking. After marking, the results are then released. WAEC examination board releases the results for both WASSCE and BECE every year. The release date is usually August, but it can be later if there is a delay in producing the results.

How to get an alert when BECE and WASSCE 2022 are released

Subscribe to update

You can visit and leave your phone number to receive an SMS once the results are released. The website itself is a portal that can be used to buy your BECE or WASSCE results checker.

By visiting the website and leaving your contact where necessary, you will be messaged via SMS as soon as the results are released. This is the best way to know when the results are released.

Follow GES and WAEC social media accounts

GES works closely with WAEC and they are the first to be alerted when the BECE or WASSCE results are released. You can follow them on their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter and with your mobile data always on, you will be notified whenever they make a post.

Get updated through the media

Various media outlets across the country will make announcements when the results are released. So, if you are someone who likes watching the news, then you will surely get the notice when the results are released.

Sign up for Google Alert

This is also a good way to stay informed about what is going on in the world. You can enter keywords like BECE or WASSCE into the search box and google will send you an email notification as soon as something new comes up.

How to check your WASSCE 2022 Results

When the 2022 WASSCE results are released, it’s now time to find your index number. Buy your WAEC Voucher which includes the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN from any sales outlet, most internet CAFÉ, or any WAEC office nearby and check your results online and print your results out.

To check your WASSCE results, you first need your e-voucher which can be bought at any authorized outlet or through a short code that will be given out by the Ministry of Education or the WAEC.

To check your results,

  1. Visit WAEC results checker online portal:; Now, when the portal opens, enter the index number which you used when writing your exams.
  2. Select the type of examination (WASSCE).
  3. Select your examination year (2022)
  4. Enter your date of birth (The one you used for your WASSCE registration.
  5. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN on your voucher where it is required.
  6. Now, go through to make sure all information you have given are correct.
  7. Click on submit and wait to see your results pop up in the next window.
  8. Print out your results.


Getting to know when the BECE or WASSCE results will be released is needful especially when you are a candidate or a guardian of a candidate. Following the above method will keep you alerted.

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