How to get free unlimited Udemy online courses before January 31st 2020

The Ghana Library Authority with support from the Commonwealth of Learning is offering a full scholarship for 1000 Ghanaians to enrol on Udemy Online learning platform.

Courses available for enrolment include Data Science, Cloud Computing, Project Management, IT Operations, Graphic Designing, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Leadership & Management, Office Productivity, Marketing, Sales, etc.

Interested applicants should log on to to apply.

Other commonwealth countries to benefit from this scholarship opportunity include:

  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Bangladesh

The courses will be offered on the digital learning platform called Udemy. The objective of the course is:

  • To provide a platform for self-paced learning for skill enhancement
  • To build the human capital capacity of the target group to use remote learning
  • To prepare candidates for the job market or for self-employment

The Benefits of Read2Skill Scholarship are:

  • Tution Free
  • Certification
  • Mentorship Support
  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Online learning

For more enquiries, contact info@ghanalibrary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Read2skill?

Read2Skill is an online learning project by the Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) to offer opportunities for Ghanaians to acquire new skills through online learning on Udemy.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses in a vast range of subjects.

What is Commonwealth of Learning?

Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) is the world’s only intergovernmental organization solely concerned with the promotion and development of distance education and open learning. It is hosted by the Government of Canada and headquartered in Burnaby, Canada.

How many courses are available?

The subject areas include Data Science, Cloud Computing, Project Management, IT Operations, Design, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource, Leadership and Management, Office Productivity, Marketing and Sales and many others.

How can I apply?

You can apply online via You can visit any of our Regional Libraries across the country and also be assisted by our Read2Skill Coordinators.

Who qualifies?

Any Ghanaian above 15 who wants to acquire skills through online learning. They include but not limited to:

  • Unemployed graduates in search of skills
  • Informal and formal sector employees
  • Professionals
  • High school graduates
  • University students
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