How to Go Live on Kik Messenger

2010 saw the launch of the messaging platform Kik. Kik is currently one of the top platforms for online dating and forming friendships throughout the world.

As part of a recent upgrade, Kik now offers the “Go Live” function, which enables users to interact with other users while watching live videos and broadcasting their own content.

So let’s examine how to use your gadget to join the live chat on Kik.

The most effective chat messaging service to communicate with friends and strangers worldwide is undoubtedly Kik. You may create public or private groups, exchange images or videos, send stickers or emojis, gifs or memes, and doodle messages. 

Not long ago, Kik launched “Go Live,” a new feature on its platform (somewhere on June 9, 2021). With a recent upgrade, Kik now offers free live broadcasting and going live. Additionally, you may give presents to other Kik members as well as watch their live streams online.

Kik Live: What Is It?

Since we now know that the Kik app allows live streaming, let’s examine what Kik live is in the first place. You may live stream to other users of the Kik program using this function. As a result, every Kik user may utilize this platform to reach a wider audience. What are the advantages of using Kik live?

Benefits of Going Live on Kik

Making new friends on Kik

Live-streaming videos are the most efficient tool for connecting with people across the globe. Making new acquaintances and establishing connections with them is a fundamental human right.

As a result, you might meet a lot of new individuals from all around the world if you start broadcasting on Kik. You don’t need to add them to your Kik app; just create a live-streaming video and invite users of Kik to participate if they find it interesting.

Gain More Kik Followers

Kik, like the majority of social networking sites, lets users follow one another if they enjoy their content. So, by creating engaging and fun live streams, you may gain more followers on the Kik app. This can encourage others to follow you on Kik.

Create a more effective business profile on Kik

When several channels enter the business, the portfolio of that firm becomes stronger. Kik may most certainly be used as a platform for company marketing. The live feed may potentially obtrude and draw viewers to your establishment. Be inventive in your approach, and you’ll be grateful for the advantage Kik live stream will probably give you.

How Does Kik Live Stream Work?

Your live stream is shown in the application’s live area after you go live on Kik. Anyone who taps on that area will be able to see your live broadcast and participate.

You must be a well-followed user on the Kik program in order to compete and move up on the live stream page. After that, you may access the leaderboard, where users can touch on the live streams that are displayed on the front.

By asking to join the live session, users may also watch your feed in real time. Alongside less well-known live streams, you may also challenge more well-known ones. 

Can you go live with the Kik application?

In their most recent update, Kik included a feature called “Go Live.” Due to the significant amount of critical comments Kik was receiving, they had to develop a better and safer platform for their users. Today, the “go live” function has generated attention and established Kik as a popular online platform.

Before, neither the Kik app nor the Kik desktop version had a Kik live feature option for live streaming. The new and unique feature that Kik incorporated in the most recent version to initiate and conduct Live Video calls within the Kik application is called “Go Live.”

What are kik live stream guidelines and conditions?

Kik established various guidelines for its users after receiving criticism from many of its users for being graphic and containing inappropriate content. The guidelines and conditions for live streaming on the Kik app are listed below.

  1. Nudity or pornography is prohibited.
  2. Bullying And Hate Speech Are Not Acceptable
  3. Unlawful Conduct
  4. Living with children
  5. Minors cannot watch streams
  6. False Identity

How can i go live on Kik using iPhone or Android

  1. Open the Kik app
  2. Sign in with your account
  3. Tap the Live icon
  4. Select Go Live.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Press The Got It button
  7. Begin Your Life

How can you cancel a live kik

You can terminate the live session at any time by following a few easy steps if you decide for whatever reason that you no longer wish to stream.

  1. Click the End button on the live
  2. Press the X icon after selecting “End Stream.”

How can i watch a live stream?

Users may now stream live videos to their contacts using Kik’s new Kik Live functionality. The procedures listed below might let you join a friend’s Kik Live session.

  1. Start Kik
  2. From the bottom right corner, select “Live.”
  3. Choose the participant(s) for their live session. Kik Live may also be joined by choosing from the categories For You, Trending, New, and Favorites.
  4. To exit someone’s Kik live broadcast, just hit the “X” icon in the top right corner.

How Secure Is Going Live On Kik?

A secure live broadcasting platform is available on the app Kik. You may research the privacy and security of the Kik application. You don’t need to worry about your safety if you just join other people’s live broadcasts or go live on Kik.

Make sure, nevertheless, that you abide by all the guidelines for using the application as well as going live. You must avoid viewing objectionable information if you are a minor user. Apart from that, Kik is a secure live-streaming service.

Is Kik live stream unrestricted?

Kik live streaming is, in fact, entirely free. It costs nothing to watch someone else’s live stream or to go live yourself. You are only needed to pay money if you want to send presents and prizes to other users, for which you must make an in-app purchase. Everything on the Kik live broadcast is free except than this function.

Are Kik live streamers paid?

Live broadcasters on Kik may, in fact, use their gifts and incentives to purchase in-app currency. Your Kik gifts and awards may be exchanged for real money. With these incentives, you may also make further purchases.

What is the purpose of Kik Live?

Kik Live enables you to create a live-streaming video and share your ideas and opinions online.

Is it possible to remove Kik Messenger’s live stream feature?

It is possible to uninstall the live function on the Kik app without any problems, but you must download the previous version of the program.


Finally, you may use your iOS or Android device to go live on Kik by following a few easy steps. However, before you start live streaming, be sure to abide by the necessary laws and standards. If you want to become a widely known live streamer on the Kik application, you need also be aware of what going live implies and the types of live streaming that attract more viewers.

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