How to Grow Your Instagram Following: A Strategic Plan

Over the past few years, Instagram has drastically changed the way we view content creation, shopping and social media in general. The days of only opening Instagram to share a cute picture of your latte and logging out are gone.

Now, Instagram has transitioned into a fast-paced social media platform that connects your daily life to the digital world minute by minute. 

In addition, creators and businesses view the platform as a lucrative marketplace to sell their products and services. Consumers also depend on Instagram to research brands and make buying decisions. The fact that over 130 million users tap on shopping posts each month further proves our point.

The potential that Instagram holds over businesses is massive and everyone is clearly trying to tap into it. When it comes to running a business, you must do what you can to stay ahead. So it is common to see people buy Instagram followers to boost their engagement on the platform.

But that’s not all. Growing your Instagram business account also requires a lot of planning and strategization aimed toward the target audience. If you’re curious to know more, read on to learn about these proven tips and tricks that can help grow your Instagram following.

Here are a Few Proven Growth Strategies to Increase Your Instagram Following

  • Post Frequently and Consistently At Regular Intervals

Of course, it’s a given that you need to be consistent with the quality of your content. Plus you shouldn’t just post a few times and give up when you don’t see results immediately. It is important to keep posting frequently to build up your brand awareness.

But the most crucial thing to remember is that you shouldn’t suffocate the audience by spamming all day. Use a content calendar to schedule your posts with sufficient intervals in between. This way, users can thoroughly appreciate your posts and have enough time to eagerly wait for the next one. The best sites to buy Instagram followers can help bring in a ton of fresh traffic.

  • Use Hashtags that Uplift Your Content

Think of hashtags as a car ride that can help carry your content to the target audience. In other words, hashtags increase your reach so that potential customers can discover your brand more easily.

So what makes up the “right hashtag”? For starters, they should be hashtags that directly align with your niche, product or brand image. Avoid going for generic hashtags like #fashion as your posts can easily get lost in the crowd. 

You can also use trending hashtags to give your posts explosive visibility. Just make sure to check if the hashtags resonate with your brand before putting them on your Instagram post.

  • Polish Your Instagram SEO

The developers on Instagram have recently made a few changes to the way the algorithm works. So people can now use the search bar on the Explore page to conduct a general keyword search. And similar to other search engines, you’ll be able to pull up a ton of posts, accounts and hashtags related to the keyword.

Incorporating the right keywords into your bio and your content can lay down the basic foundations to boost your discoverability. Start by listing relevant keywords and adding them to your Instagram handle, business name, bio, captions etc. If you want more visibility, you can also buy Instagram likes.

  • Post When The Audience is Most Active

We’ve already established that engagement is essential for businesses to grow on Instagram. You can start boosting your engagement rate early if you upload your posts when almost everyone is online. 

The algorithm considered timing as a crucial element. So posting at the right time ensures that the target audience will definitely see your post and engage with it.

You can use the Instagram Insights tool or any other third-party tool to gain insights into the audience’s location, online activity and demographics. The data will be able to help you determine the best time to post your content.

  • Leverage User-Generated Content 

Perhaps one of the most organic ways to gain followers is through user-generated content. After all, it is quite a smart marketing move to make your most loyal customers the ambassadors for your brand. When you share their brand-related content on your account, you’re increasing the chances of strengthening your connections with the customers.

When people feel acknowledged by the brands they love and trust, they are more motivated to recommend your products and services to other users. Their followers will also take notice when you tag them in any post. Also, check out the best sites to buy Instagram followers to grow your brand exponentially.


So you want your business to make it big on Instagram. The bad news is that so do every other content creator and business out there. The good news is that there are ways to stay ahead of everyone else on Instagram as long as you plan ahead.

Whether you buy Instagram followers or develop a marketing strategy, you need to be clear about your brand objectives and your target audience.

Instagram is a very lucrative opportunity to sell your products and services. And you’ll start seeing real growth once your engagement rate picks up. So use these tips and tricks to grow your Instagram followers like never before.

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