How To Hide Your Whatsapp Online Status On Android And iOS

Security and privacy are two terms that go hand in hand especially as far as the internet is concerned.

The WhatsApp instant messaging platform is undoubtedly the biggest instant messaging platform in the world with millions of users active every moment.

While Whatsapp has so many advantages that come at absolutely no cost, some people could actually abuse some of its functionalities in trying to track your actions.

One of the features of WhatsApp which can be used against you by others is your online presence (online status.)

In this article, we shall focus on how to turn off your online status on both Android and IOS devices.

How To Turn off Your Online Status On Your Android Device

To turn off this feature, you have to launch the Whatsapp application and follow the instruction below:

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your WhatsApp chat page.
  2. Click on Settings in the list that appears next.
  3. From the settings menu, look through and select Account.
  4. Click ‘Privacy’ in the next list that appears.
  5. From the popup list, select ‘Last Seen’
  6. From the popup list that appears next, select ‘Nobody’.

NB: You can select my contacts in order to decide which people from your contact list should not see your online status.

How To Turn Off Your Online Status on IOS Device

Turning off your whatsapp online status on Iphone or any other IOS device is quite different from the method we’ve seen under the previous heading.

In order to put this feature off, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp application
  2. On the chats page, select ‘Settings’ on the right bottom corner.
  3. Select ‘Account’ from the list that appears on the next page.
  4. On the next page, select ‘Privacy’.
  5. From the next list, select ‘Last seen’
  6. A popup list would appear for you. Select ‘Nobody’ from the list


Turning off your whatsapp status generally prevents people from identifying when you are online and when you are offline. At all times, when people check your account, they see no sign of you being online. This protects you from those who may be spying on you. However, this setting is a double-edged knife. For as long as people do not get to see your online status, you do not get to see theirs either. Meaning if you set your online status to ‘Nobody’, you shall also see nobody’s online status. So if you wish to see some people’s status and keep others in the dark, then you may want to use the ‘My Contacts’ option when you get to the last phase of the steps listed above. That way, you can select those whom you wish to share your online status with.

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