How To Invest In The MTN My Own Pension Scheme

MTN Ghana has designed a beautiful service for all workers to enjoy a great pension by contributing regularly for a period of 5 years or more.

With the My Own Pension scheme, users determine how much they wish to contribute and the frequency of the payment as well.

You can decide to pay daily, weekly or monthly. So, if I decide to pay 1 cedi daily (which is the least), and I choose a weekly Frequency, I’ll pay 5 Ghana cedis weekly through my mobile money account.

Once the registration is complete, payment is done automatically every 7 days.

Meaning, if you registered on Tuesday, every Tuesday, the deduction is made from your account.

If you do not have enough money in your account prior to the next deduction, that payday gets skipped and you wouldn’t be double-charged for your next deduction.

Also, your investment in the pension scheme is further divided into two equal parts. The first half goes into an investment account which you can withdraw after one year.

The other half goes into your pensions account which you can withdraw after 5 years. The interest rate on the pension scheme is a little higher than the T.Bill Rate for each year.

How To Register For The Service

1. Dial *170#

2. Enter option 5 for financial services

3. Enter option 4 for pensions and investment

4. Enter option 1 for My own pension

5. Select option 1 to Register

6. Enter Residential Address

7. Enter name of Next of kin

8. Enter phone number of Next of kin

9. Select Payment Cycle

10. Enter amount

11. Enter 4 digit secret codeM

12. Confirm 4 digit secret code

NOTE: You can only withdraw from your investment account after one year of contribution. Also, your pension account withdrawals are only available after your fifth year of contributions. You can always check your contributions in your Pensions and Investments account.

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