How to join the Covid-19 Citizens Coalition and contribute through Mobile Money

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps on spreading across the globe, Ghana as a country has recorded 137 cases with 4 death and luckily two peoples have recovered.

The government of Ghana led by the president H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo on 11 March 2020 announced that the government of Ghana has allocated $1,000,000 should incase the virus gets to Ghana.

Unfortunately the next day Ghana recorded its first two coronavirus confirmed cases, one was from Norway and the other was from Turkey, these two peoples visited Ghana and later showed symptoms of coronavirus, their blood samples were taken for test and it came out positive.

This coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the world health organization (WHO), the virus keeps on spreading as the person infected will not notice it within 14 days.

Which means if one has this virus and it is not up to 14 days, there won’t be any signs of sickness, imagine if this person infects at least 5 peoples a day,  just guess how many people will be infected with this virus within the next 14 days and those people too will not notice it after 14 days and will be spreading it with anybody they will come in contact with, so you see why this virus was declared pandemic?

Now back to Ghana case on the coronavirus, it all started with two cases and then it has continued to 137 cases with 4 deaths and 2 recovered.

The government is really doing their part with the president giving us updates together with the information minister and also sending tips on how to be safe to every Ghanian through SMS and also fumigating various regional markets.

As the virus keeps on spreading, parliamentarians, celebrities and musicians have started donating gloves, hand sanitizer and cash prizes to various individuals and hospitals to help fight the coronavirus.

There were some individuals who would also want to make a small contribution in the effort to fight this coronavirus, finally, the telcos have come up with this idea.

Now anyone can be a COVID-19 coalition member by donating the little that he or she has, remember a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.

How to contribute to the COVID-19 Citizens Coalition

  1. Dial *110# on Vodafone or Airtel Tigo and *117# on MTN.
  2. Select pay bill or donate
  3. Enter TILL/NICKNAME 201019 on all networks.
  4. Enter your pin to confirm the transaction

How to donate using Vodafone only

  1. Dial *110.
  2. Select make payments.
  3. Select 7 or donations, under donations, select 2 for COVID-19.
  4. Enter the amount you want to contribute.
  5. Type in your pin to confirm the transaction.


Coronavirus is spreading in Ghana day by day and it is not up to the government alone to support, celebrities and many popular figures are donating gloves, sanitizers and cash prizes to help fight coronavirus.

Luckily all Ghanaians can participate in the donations by contributing to the COVID-19 Citizens coalition set up to help fight the coronavirus.

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