How to Know or Check Your Airtel Number in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, and still don’t know the way to know or check your Airtel number, then here is a complete guide to help you now.

What is a mobile phone number?

A mobile phone number is on a small chip mostly found in cellular phones to enable to phone make calls and also access Internet.

Your mobile phone number is used as a key to access a variety of online and offline services. It’s often used by banks, businesses, and individuals to keep track of who you are and when you use their services.

About Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is a telecommunications company with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The services offered by the company are GSM mobile network operator, and LTE internet speed for mobile phones, broadband Internet access service provider, broadband television provider and fixed-line telephone operator.

How to know or check your Airtel number in nigeria

There are various ways and methods to check your airtel number in Nigeria. If you are having a new or an old sim card and you instantly need the number of that sim card, then follow any of the methods below:

Using USSD code

  1. To check and know your mobile phone number on Airtel, dial *121*3*4#, your number will be revealed right away.

Using MyAirtel App

  1. Open MyAirtel app on your phone.
  2. On the home page, click on “Manage My Account.”
  3. On the menu that appears, select “View and add account.”
  4. Details of your name and mobile digits will appear on the screen.

Contact customer care

You can also know your digits by dialling 121 or 111, which directs you to the Airtel customer support service. Select the option that will help you get your number, airtime balance, data balance and balance validity.

You can also decide to talk to your customer care agent and request your number directly from him/her.

Through SMS or call

Get the phone digits of a friend near you with the SIM whose digits you want to know, call or text your friend’s mobile numbers. On their phone’s call log or messages, you will view your mobile number. For you not to forget the digits again, write them down or save them in your phonebook.

In conclusion, if you are an Airtel customer, then it is worth knowing how to verify your phone number. Knowing your number makes it easier to access various services on the go without finding yourself wanted.

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