How To Link A Bank Account To Your MTN Mobile Money Wallet

MTN mobile money has been in existence since 2009 and it’s changing how Ghanaians send, manage and receive money.

This service has made our lives easy in such a way that, nowadays sending and receiving of money, paying bills and school fees, topping up airtime and a whole lot has been easy with the help of mobile money.

When mobile money was launched, it started with sending and receiving of money and then they made it available to transact from your wallet to bank and also from bank to your wallet.

This feature made it easy for some people which I am among make transactions or saving in the bank without visiting the bank.

It also helped save a lot of time because at first, even if you are busy with work, you will have to stop whatever you are doing and walk to the bank to deposit or withdraw money. But with the invention of mobile money, you can now send money from your phone to your bank and also withdraw money from your bank to your phone without the need to step your foot at the bank.

1. You will first need to visit any branch of your bank and tell them you want to link your bank account to your mobile money wallet.

2. The person in charge will take your bank account number, your mobile money number, your full name and some details about you and will start working on it.

3. Within minutes you will receive a notification that your mobile money account has been linked with your XXX bank account number and you need to type in your pin to confirm. Type in to confirm.

4. From there, your bank account will be linked to your mobile money wallet.

You can then access your bank account by dialling the bank short code, every bank has its USSD code that they use in making transactions.

How To Send Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Your Bank Account?

Now that your account has been successfully linked to your mobile money wallet, its now time to make transactions to your bank account using your mobile money.

Here is a step by step guide on how to send money from your MTN mobile money account to your bank account:

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Enter 5: Financial Services
  3. Type in 1: Bank Service
  4. Enter 1: Transfer To Bank
  5. Choose the bank you have linked your mobile money account to.
  6. Your account number with your name will appear, if you have linked more than 1 account, you will then need to choose the account you want to transfer the money to. If its only one bank account, then definitely it will be the number 1 so type in 1.
  7. Type in the amount you want to transfer to your bank.
  8. A pop-up message will appear prompting you on the amount you are sending, the account number you are sending to with its name and will ask you to type in your Pin. Type in your pin to confirm the transaction.


Mobile money has come to stay and we are all using this service as it has made our lives better, in this article, we went through how to link your bank account to your mobile money wallet.

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