How to Login and Validate E-SPV Return System in Ghana

Ghana has gone a step further to enforce the E-SPV return system for all taxpayers in the country to help the department of revenue reduce fraudulent taxpayers base in the country.

Some of these strong measures will also limit tax avoidance which is being used by traditional business owners to underput their competitors and gain larger share of market.

Wha is E-SPV Return System in Ghana

The Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) is a special electronic portal system which was introduced by thr Controller and Accountant General Department in Ghana.

The portal is accessible to all Management Units and Human Resource (HR) officers to validate employees before their salaries are paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.

Importance of E-SPV Return System in Ghana

The Controller and Accountant General department compute data from heads of companies and uses that data to pay workers. This was always done manually and has been a difficult task as usual.

The salary validation process is not an easy thing and requires accuracy and being keen on details, a lot of money may be lost in the process or mishandled.

For this reason, the government introduced the E-SPV salary validation system to replace the manual and old system used to manage, certify and approve government of Ghana salary payment vouchers, which was challenging and time-consuming.

How to login and validate E-SPV return system in Ghana

The login portal is not accessible to anyone. Only the Head of Management Unit, Human Resource Manager are eligible to access the portal in order to validate employees. To log in,

  • Check the status of each employee by choosing either Approve, With Issue or Unknown. Make sure your resolve or state the issues of employees with issues
  • Click on Continue Validation on the Upper Right corner of your screen.
  • A Summary will be displayed to you. Click to Forward PV.


Validating salary in Ghana has been a topic on board always due tto how inaccurate and delayed the system has been. But with the introduction of the E-SPV system, all those worries will gradually be a thing of the past. The E-SPV system is here to stay and we must get used to it as early as now.

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