How To Make Unlimited Calls With Vodafone Deewa Offer

Vodafone Ghana is undoubtedly one of the biggest mobile network operators in Ghana.

When it comes to calling and data packages too, Vodafone is one of the go-to networks as they have some wonderful packages for all.

Vodafone’s latest offer is the talk of the town.

If you’re a businessman looking for an offer to help limit the amount you spend on calls, or a family person trying to keep up with your relatives, Vodafone has the right package for you.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Vodafone Deewa package which is the new-ish in town.

How Does Deewa Work?

The Vodafone Deewa offer is a promotion by Vodafone Ghana which gives customers unlimited calls and SMS to all Vodafone lines at a very low cost.

The offer is available to all registered prepaid subscribers of Vodafone Ghana.

The offer can be subscribed to alongside all other offers. Which means that subscribing to this offer does not take you off any other offer you may have subscribed to in the past.

Subscription for the service, unlike for other networks can be done throughout the week. That’s to say, from Monday through Sunday, you can always subscribe to the Vodafone Deewa promotion.

What is in the Vodafone Deewaa package?

In the table below, you’ll see the details of the package(s) associated with the Vodafone Deewa offer.

Name Price Shortcode Details Duration
Vodafone Deewa Offer GHS 0.50 *5050# Unlimited calls to Vodafone lines + 2 minutes call to other networks and unlimited SMS to all Vodafone lines 24 Hours

How To Subscribe to Vodafone Deewaa

1. Dial *5050# or call 5050

2. Follow the prompts to signup.

Conclusion: The Vodafone Deewa offer is perfect for those who make so many

Phone calls in a day, especially to Vodafone lines. This offer can be auto-renewed or subscribed to as a one-time bundle with a manual subscription.

These choices are made during the subscription phase. However, if you wish to stop the auto-renewal after already subscribing, just dial *5050# and select “Cancel Auto-renewal” option from the list.

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