How to make your Phone Location Untraceable

Everybody has a smart smartphone these days, and we all carry them with us everywhere we go. Making your phone secure enough to be completely untraceable can sometimes be a challenging thing to do.

You can’t leave the house without carrying a smart device. Whether you want to protect your online identity as you leisurely browse your favorite online store or you want to prevent some people from being able to track your location.

It need not be difficult, though! You may set up your phone to be untraceable in a few quick and easy steps that take very little time.

Why You Should Hide Your Phone’s Location

We’ll look for the reasons why you would wish to do that before we try to figure out how to make the location of your phone untraceable.

Maybe you worry that someone is tracking your whereabouts. Perhaps you want to keep your specific location a secret while you are with your family.

One of the most crucial areas we want to concentrate on is mobile privacy and security. You object to businesses gathering your data and utilizing it for profit or even selling your personal information to other businesses.

The privacy should not have to be sacrificed in order to have the greatest digital life possible. If you don’t want to share your personal information, it could be useful to consider how to make a phone untraceable.

We’ll look at a few techniques that can assist you in reaching the goal of an untraceable sim card or an untraceable phone number, whatever the cause may be for your quest for information on how to make a phone untraceable.

How to make your Phone Location untraceable

We have been using the conventional procedure of dialing 67 before the real number for a very long time. You may hide your phone number with this. This is beneficial when using an untraceable phone number or sim card.

Your ANI, or Automatic Number Identification, information will be distributed via this technique. The phone number will become known to anybody is utilizing the service to find the ANI.

However, you will need to acquire a unique sort of phone or utilize certain specialized settings if you truly want to learn how to make a phone untraceable. Before you continue, let’s be clear that the strategy could or might not be effective in every situation.

1. Get a device with integrated encryption

This alternative can be pricey. You might purchase a device with an incorporated encryption technology if you believe you can afford them. By doing this, you can prevent eavesdropping on your chats and SMS messages.

Such gadgets feature a particular encryption technology that uses a challenging and randomly generated method to encrypt communications beginning or terminating in your device. The messages would be impossible to intercept once they were encrypted.

2. Utilize a piece of software to encrypt communications

Even a third-party program can be used to encrypt the connection. At the user’s request, the program can encrypt calls and texts. Having the best SMS and other personal data is achievable with this.

3. Conceal data via applications

To conceal the data on your phone, utilize the dedicated software. From your phone, you may choose to selectively hide certain data.

You may use the program to encrypt data to prevent it from being accessed by snooping eyes, including data, images, videos, communications, and anything else.

You have access to the most sophisticated degree of encryption with these unique programs. Wickr has been a particularly well-liked example of one such application. Both iOS and Android smartphones may download the software.

You will have access to full encryption of all of your data, including voice calls, through this. The IMEI number of your phone may potentially be altered by it.

4. Turn off the GPS system

When it comes to settings, some devices already have a GPS pre-programmed, while others may have it divided into separate categories (often Location or Privacy Settings).

Disabling GPS is a simple process. However, there is a way to untrace your phone that is much simpler. Your device’s Airplane Mode just has to be turned off if you want to keep your location hidden.

When your phone is in Airplane Mode, all incoming calls, texts, and alerts are muted in addition to the GPS being turned off, further restricting location access.

Your Wi-Fi and cellular data will also be turned off when you disable this feature, preventing them from being able to connect to a network.

5. Manage every app’s permissions

Make sure that all location-based functions are off in your phone’s settings. You may prevent needing to disclose your phone’s position by disabling the GPS activation using this.

The protocol for removing app permissions differs somewhat across Android phones and Apple iPhones due to their various layouts.

iPhone Procedure:

  1. Access the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the option for Privacy settings.
  3. Pick Location Services in step three. You should now be able to see the programs that are currently utilizing your location after clicking on this.
  4. After that, you may disable the feature whenever you want by just sliding the bar at the very top of the page.
  5. You have complete control over the programs you want to disable using the location services on an iPhone.

Android Procedure:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Secondly, choose the Location tab.
  3. Choose Google Location Settings in step three. You will then have full access to disable Location Reporting and Location History.
  4. Location Reporting accomplishes what its name implies and “reports” location data with the applications on your phone, whereas Location History keeps pertinent information kept on the phone for usage in the future.
  5. You may also remove all of your prior location data using these options, which can help you make your phone untraceable.

6. Make Use Of A Prepaid Mobile Phone

This is an additional practical strategy for making sure your phone is untraceable. All you have to do is get a prepaid phone from the local electronics shop, one that simply lets you make and receive phone calls.

Make careful not to share any private information, such as your entire name or address, during this specific phone contact, and keep it quick. Ideally, you should also make the phone call in a remote area that isn’t your usual hangout so that mobile phone towers and satellites can’t trace the position of your address.


These are just a few techniques that might help you learn how to make your phone hard to trace. We also want to be clear that using any of the techniques described here to make a phone untraceable should not be done for any unlawful activities.

The information and techniques described here are provided solely for informational reasons and should not be interpreted as a recommendation to engage in any criminal activity.

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