How to pay your rent monthly for any home in Ghana; No rent advance is needed

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Over recent years, rent prices have skyrocketed. I had to pay twice my rent amount when I had to renew it this year and the landlord still requested two years’ advance even though it was a renewal.

Rent advance has become a necessary evil for landlords who spend huge sums of money to build apartments for rent given the high cost of building. This advance becomes an annual or biennial problem for tenants, especially those living in urban areas where rent demand exceeds supply.

This will no longer be an issue as Renmo is here to help. Most often, we earn monthly income so why not pay our rent monthly too? Renmo helps you achieve that and even more.

Renmo provides tenants the option to pay their rent monthly instead of the typical one to three years rent advance. Renmo does this in two ways: A) by paying the rent advance for you, so you pay back monthly without stress, B) by negotiating with some landlords to take monthly. In both cases, you just pay monthly even as you earn monthly. 

How To Pay Your Rent Monthly In Ghana with Renmo

The process is very simple:

  1. Find your dream home (or find a few listed homes listed by Renmo. The fastest way is to find your own home as Renmo has very few listed homes now)
  2. Complete a simple Renmo application form.
  3. Renmo does verifications (takes 1-2 days).
  4. Renmo pays the rent advance to the landlord if you found your own home. 
  5. You move to your dream house
  6. You pay Renmo monthly for the home

Once the application forms and verifications are completed (steps 2 & 3), Renmo completes the payment to the landlord within 24 hours. Renmo has already served over 100 tenants in the past 3 months since it began full operations in Ghana.

So, whether you are looking to renew your rent advance or looking to move to a new home, let Renmo cover that rent advance for you so you pay back monthly. You can also continue to check on their website for some of the few listings. You can reach Renmo via whatsapp on or email via [email protected] You can also call the Renmo team on weekdays (8:30am-5pm) via 0592040292

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