How To Pin Comments On Instagram

Do you want to make sure your most important Instagram comments don’t get buried? It’s easy—just pin them. Pinning a comment on Instagram lets you keep it at the top of your post, so viewers can’t miss it. And starting today, we’re here to show you how it’s done!

We’ll take a look at everything from finding and selecting the right comment to unpinning it when you’re finished with it. Plus, we’ve got some tips on making sure pinned comments don’t disrupt conversations or give off the wrong impression. We’ll even discuss what happens after you remove one so that no followers are left in the dark. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Overview Of Comment Pinning

Instagram now offers a feature that lets users pin comments to the top of their post. Comment pinning allows people to draw attention to certain responses, helping conversations stay on-topic and organized. To use this tool, open an existing Instagram post and look for the “…” icon in the upper right corner. Tap it and select the comment you want to pin, then tap the pushpin icon next to it. That’s all there is to it — pinned comments will appear at the top of your post until you unpin them or delete them outright. This makes it much easier than having to scroll through numerous comments when looking for particular information or feedback. Comment pinning provides a great way for Instagrammers to keep track of important remarks about their posts without getting overwhelmed by other responses.

How To Access The Feature

To access the comment pinning feature on Instagram, you first need to open the post that you want to pin a comment from. Once there, you will see three dots in the top right corner of the post. Tap those dots and select “Pin Comment” from the menu options:

  1. Open your desired post
  2. Select three dots in top right corner
  3. Choose “Pin Comment” option
    This selection will bring up all comments on the post with checkmarks next to them, allowing you to choose which one you’d like to pin. Then, simply hit Pin at the bottom of your screen and it’s done! That pinned comment will remain at the top of all other comments so everyone can easily find it. All users are able to view this pinned comment as soon as they enter into a post’s discussion thread; no scrolling necessary. This makes it easier for followers to quickly understand what is going on or join conversations without getting lost in long threads filled with multiple conversations happening simultaneously. It also helps keep important information about posts visible throughout their entire lifecycle – even after more recent discussions have begun appearing beneath them. So overall, using Instagram’s comment pinning tool is an effective way to make sure essential messages or questions don’t get buried amid newer content.

Ways To Utilize Pinning

Once you’ve accessed the feature, it’s time to start utilizing comment pinning for your Instagram posts. Comment pinning is a great way to highlight important comments and keep the conversation focused on what matters most. Here are some of the benefits and strategies you can use when pinning comments:

Increased visibilityPin thoughtfulMore engagement
Easier moderationFocus on feedbackImproved user experience
Highlights key pointsPrioritize popular commentsShowcase positive sentiment

Comment pinning can help make sure that conversations about your post stay on track. It allows you to curate which type of content visitors see first, giving you more control over how people engage with your page. Additionally, by highlighting certain comments, it makes them easier to moderate so that any negative or inappropriate remarks don’t go unnoticed. Utilizing this feature gives users an improved experience and ultimately leads to increased engagement in the long run.

With these tips in mind, there are plenty of ways to utilize comment pinning effectively. To get started, focus on pinning thoughtful responses from followers that provide real insight into their experiences with your brand or product. You should also prioritize popular comments that are likely to be seen by many other viewers as well as showcase positive sentiments so potential customers feel encouraged after seeing interactions between existing ones. All these strategies come together to create a better overall user experience while providing significant advantages such as increased visibility and easier moderation of conversations surrounding each post.


Comment pinning is a great Instagram feature that lets you prioritize the comments on your posts. If you want to make sure certain comments don’t get lost in the shuffle, this allows you to do just that. And it’s easy to access and use: all you have to do is find the post for which you’d like to pin a comment, tap the three dots at the top right of the post, select ‘Pin Comment’ from the menu, then choose whatever comment you want pinned.

Once a comment has been pinned, it’ll remain at the top of your comments section no matter how many times other people comment afterward. This means any important feedback or responses won’t be missed by anyone scrolling through your page. Pinning also helps keep conversations focused around one topic rather than having them spread out over multiple comments; if someone asks a question that gets answered later down in the thread, they can easily refer back up to where their original inquiry was posted without having to search through hundreds of other comments.

Overall, comment pinning adds an extra layer of usability and organization for your Instagram account. It makes engaging with followers easier as well as helping establish order among conversations — so take advantage of this handy tool!

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