How to Play Tablet Games on PC

Playing Android games on a tablet is often considered the best way to play. Tablet screens are larger than phones, and the sound is usually better. However, what if you could enhance the experience even further by playing your favourite tablet games on your PC!

Playing tablet games on PC opens up the world of giant-sized monitors, massive sound setups, and unique control schemes. This article will show you how to play your tablet games on your PC and experience them in a whole new way.

Tablet Games on PC Are Now a Reality

There used to be a time not long ago when the idea of playing mobile games on a PC would’ve been ludicrous. PCs weren’t powerful enough to emulate a different platform or architecture. Things have come a long way since then. Today even a smartphone has superior computing power compared to the super-computers of old.

The advance in computing power gives us access to options that we never had before, and one of those options is running Android games. The easiest way to run android games on your PC today is through a program called BlueStacks. The BlueStacks program allows you to set up a virtual Android platform on your PC and run android apps and games.

Using BlueStacks, you can customize your virtual Android environment in unique and exciting ways, such as using your mouse pointer instead of the touchscreen. Customizing your controls in this manner has the added benefit of providing further accessibility for those who might have difficulty using a touchscreen.

BlueStacks can take advantage of most of your PC’s multimedia hardware, including internal and external displays and your speaker system. Please note that not every Android app or game may take full advantage of such hardware. For example, some Android apps and games might have horizontal or vertical aspect ratio constraints or limitations in sound channels.

If You’re on iOS, Don’t Scream – Stream!

BlueStacks may be all well and good for android, but what if your tablet games run on iOS? While there is no direct counterpart for BlueStacks for iOS apps, all is not lost! Other PC programs allow you to stream and mirror your iOS device screen to your computer.

Streaming can be especially useful for presentations or any scenario where you may need to show your screen to a group of people. If you want to show off that new iOS game, or your gaming skills, then streaming to your large PC display is the way to go.

One of the best iOS screen mirroring and streaming programs is AirServer. With AirServer, you can stream and mirror your iPad or another iOS device on your PC with little effort. With support for full-speed 60 FPS mirroring, AirServer is ideal for most gaming purposes, allowing you to enjoy a larger screen with minimal lag.

Set Your Tablet Games Free by Playing on PC

So whether you’re looking to play on a larger screen with richer audio or just looking for different controls, playing on PC is the answer. While playing tablet games on your PC may not be as exciting as GoodLuckMate bonuses, it can still bring new life into your game.

Along with the enhanced visuals and sound that comes from your beefier hardware, some games may perform better too! Since the average PC is several times more powerful than all but the most advanced tablet, you may notice higher framerates and even better network performance due to a faster network card in your PC. While these improvements aren’t guaranteed, and your experience may vary, it’s certainly worth noting.

One final advantage of playing your Android games on PC is freedom from battery limitations. By playing your games on PC, you will no longer be draining your device’s battery or need to look for a charger during a heated match.

Tablet Games on PC, Try it and See

If you’re curious about what mobile games would be like on a PC, both BlueStacks and AirServer offer free versions so that you can “test the waters.”

Playing tablet games with PC controls can completely change a game’s feel, sometimes offering specific advantages. If you’re looking for a bit of an edge in that shooting or racing game, give the PC experience a try. If nothing else, the new experience alone will be worth it!

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