How To Promote Any Kind Of Ghanaian Business Online

So assuming you have been able to successfully set up a business what next?
How do you get people to buy your products?

How do people get to know your business and the kinds of products you sell?

Your answer to all these questions is to market your products on the internet.

There are traditional ways of marketing business and I am not saying doing it that way is not effective but you will agree with me that the internet has become part of our daily lives and most of the information’s are gotten through the internet, me eg: I don’t remember the last time I listened to a radio station but with the internet, I always know what’s happening in my country and around the world.

How To Promote Any Kind Of Ghanaian Business Online

Create A Website For Your Business

After setting up a business the first thing you need to do is to set up a website and monetize it so that when people search for the products you sell, then it will appear on the search results, also optimize your website with your keywords, keywords are the terms that you will be ranked for. So assuming you sell sanitizers, then optimizing for the keyword “sanitizer” will make your website or product appear on the search results for people searching for that specific keyword.

Set Up Google My Business

Google my business is a free tool which shows your business on search results and Google maps, people searching on the map for some products will get to see your business if you offer the same products.
Customers get to know the direction to your business place and also your contacts, website and can also message you directly, Google my business is your number one tool for gaining popularity on the web and attracting more customers for free.

Start Email Marketing

Email marketing according to Wikipedia is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email.

So setting up email marketing helps in telling your customers the new products you have, why they should come and buy from you and a lot more ways that will make them want to do business with you.

There are many email marketing services like AWeber, Get Response, Mailchimp (which is my favourite) and many more.

Make Good Use Of Social Media

Create a page for your business on various social media channels, make your page name and description relate to the products you sell and then make sure to join popular groups and sometimes talk to the people about your products.

Build Trust With Your Customers

When I talk about building trust with your customers I mean providing quality products to your customers, delivering it on time and also interacting with them on how they enjoyed or used your products. They are the source of your income so you will have to make them feel special when they buy products from you.

There are many advertising companies such as Google ads, Facebook ads, banner adverts on popular websites and many more advertising companies, advertising with these top companies will help boost your business.


For your business to succeed and make more sales, you need to promote it online, with the above tools one can use to promote his or her business online.

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