How To Read Major Ghanaian Newspapers Online

We all watch and listen to the news so that we will get to know what is happening in our society and around the world.

I must say that there is no single day without hearing any news and you will agree with me on that.

You might be a fan of a certain local football team and there is not a single day you will not want to a miss single news from that team. Same applies to politics, as every day the government is always up to something.

We are not always sitting in front of our televisions same as radio, also it is not every day that the newspaper seller will be able to bring you the new newspaper for you to buy and read through, but we are always with our phones.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to read major Ghanaian newspapers online be it politics, sports, techs news and the rest.

This website is owned by the daily guide newspapers, the daily guide started operating in 1984 and the good news is that they have this website which covers all the stories they publish on their newspapers, on their website you will get general news, entertainment news, sports, business and many more.

This website is owned by graphic online newspapers, the graphic online newspaper was launched in 1950, their website publishes up to date news on general news, business graphic sports, lifestyle and many more.

Ghana web is one of the popular websites in Ghana, it was launched in 1999, this website covers general news, sports, opinion on trending issues and it is ranked 3rd on Alexa rank.

Ghanian times is among the popular newspapers we know, it was launched in1957, Ghanaian times have a website for its customers who might not be able to sometimes buy their newspaper, the website covers articles on news, education, politics and business.

Peace FM online is also one of the popular news websites with monthly traffic of around 58,000 they publish articles on local news, showbiz, politics, sports and many more, you can visit their website to read all these kinds of stories.

Myjoyonline gets over 96,000 visitors a month, they publish articles on trending issues, politics, sports, lifestyle, business and they even have a category for the new virus outbreak coronavirus.


You can read all the major news online, some of the top newspapers have websites that they publish most of their news on that website, you can get all the latest news to read on these websites:

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