How to Register as an Opay Agent and Make Money in Nigeria

Opay is a name that has become popular in Nigeria, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in Nigeria. An average Nigerian have either heard of the name before or has gotten something to do with it at one point or the order.

Opay is a mobile platform created by opera software, it was recently designed to help people perform financial transactions, such as making money transfer to different bank accounts, paying for cable and electricity bills, buying subscriptions, ordering for foods and other products, transportation and so on. They ensure you get what you want in time without been restricted by physical borders, social status and financial constraints.

There has been a rising need for financial platforms that will feed the rising demand of people who could not access the limited banks that are available across the country, either due to lack of proximity to these banks or time unavailability.

Opay has successfully gained entry into the hearts of many people in Nigeria, especially those that don’t really have access to some goods and services because of their financial status; Opay has made quality services available to many of their customers at a convenient rate.

Services currently rendered by Opay include; Oride (a transportation services, where a motorcyclist picks you from your doorstep and convey you to your exact destination, without charging much for it), airtime recharge/data top-up, TV subscriptions, payment of electricity bills, sending and receiving money, sports betting, food and grocery services.

Opay doesn’t just operate using their mobile application, but they also have their on-ground agents, who would help reach out to those that could not access the mobile application due to one reason or the other; this work more for the benefit of those in the rural areas, where most of the inhabitants don’t have access to banks.

An Opay agent is a person that has been certified by the Opay management to represent them in areas where their mobile application could not get to; these agents are to offer services to customers who need it, these customers may be located in the urban or rural area as the case may be.

However, becoming an Opay agent is not in any way difficult, as one of the goals of this platform is to also offer employment opportunities to many Nigerians who are desperately in need of it. To become an Opay agent, there are some things that you need to have in other to get their certification/approval.

Requirements to Being a Certified Opay Agent

You must have all the following ready because without having one o it, your application to being an agent might not be considered.

  • You need your BVN (bank verification number)
  • Your Utility bill (this could either be a recent electricity bill or water bill)
  • A valid Identity card (this could be your driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, national identity card and the likes)
  • A passport photograph of you.
  • You must have a small shop where you run your existing business, this business could either be a registered one or not.

Procedures Involve in Applying to Become an Opay Agent

  • Visit the official website of Opay, this could either be done on your mobile browser or by simply downloading their mobile application on google play store.
  • On getting to the first page, locate the “menu” icon at the top right corner and select the “become an Opay agent” option
  • An application form will be displayed on your screen, ensure to fill in all the details as required
  • Tick the square box and click on “sign up”
  • A request will be returned to you to show that your application has been successfully submitted; this request will include the documents that are required to finalize your application.


Becoming an Opay agent is one of the numerous ways of helping those that could not access the banks due to one reason or the other and also making money from it.

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