How to register for AirtelTigo money through WhatsApp

Mobile money has been made things more convenient and more accessible. You can do everything from your phone in the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to go to the bank to make small transactions. Imagine going to the bank because you want to send GHS 20 to someone.

You would’ve exhausted the time if the money was to be used for an emergency. That’s why mobile banking and mobile money have been introduced, with technology advancing a lot in this century.

Because of mobile money, you don’t need to carry physical cash on you when you deposit it into your mobile money account and use it for purchases and transactions anytime you want.

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AirtelTigo is a telecommunication network that was founded in 1990 and has been providing exemplary services since. AirtelTigo introduced their mobile money service in 2011 when one-half was still Tigo. Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana became a joint telco in 2017 to become the second-largest mobile operator. This service is one of the most convenient in the country.

On “AirtelTigo Money,” you can send and receive money, make purchases, pay bills and fees and buy airtime all on your phone. Registration for AirtelTigo Money is also effortless to buy as a few options have been provided for customers who wish to open mobile money accounts with AirtelTigo.

You can go to any AirtelTigo office with your credentials and get registered or register at home on your phone or through WhatsApp.

Many people know about going to the office to register and register on your phone, but registration via WhatsApp has just introduced not long ago, and so many people are still in the dark.

I’m here to show them the light in my new article, where I’ll discuss how registration on WhatsApp works and the necessary steps on how to go about the registration via WhatsApp. 

Steps On How To Register For AirtelTigo Money Via WhatsApp

If you have an AirtelTigo sim that you use but haven’t registered for their mobile money service and you’d like to register for it now, it’s either you go to the office or do it at home.

Maybe because of covid-19 so you wouldn’t like to go out and be in the midst of people, so you’ll love to do it at home, it’s straightforward. You can register it yourself on your phone, USSD, by dialing *110# and following the prompts.

With this too, one might argue that he doesn’t want to make any mistakes and this is money related so he’d like the telecom service to do it for him themselves. Money-related issues are very damaging, especially if you created them yourself, but if it’s someone else’s fault, you’ll at least be less stressed.

That’s why AirtelTigo introduced registration via WhatsApp, where you send them a text and follow the steps to get registered. Below are the steps to get your SIM/Phone Number registered for “AirtelTigo Money” via WhatsApp. 

  1. Send a WhatsApp Message to the official AirtelTigo Number – 0577000084
  2. After you text them, you’ll be asked to provide a picture of the ID card you used to register your SIM card. 
  3. The AirtelTigo WhatsApp attendant will record your credentials such as your date of birth, location, and age 
  4. Your details will be processed with your AirtelTigo number to create a mobile money account for you. 
  5. You’ll then receive a prompt on your phone to create a password. 
  6. Your AirtelTigo Money account has been successfully registered without any charges. 

You can now enjoy AirtelTigo Money services on your phone and make whatever transactions you want at very excellent rates. 


The Covid-19 precautions brought many beautiful ideas to everyone around the world. Many companies have digitized everything and made it simple for their customers to do everything from the comfort of their homes.

This service can only work if you have a smartphone. To find the AirtelTigo WhatsApp number on any official pages and text them to begin the process. It’s a short and stress-free process. 

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