How To Register For Online DVLA Portal In Ghana

In an attempt to cut-out the activities of Guru boys, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana launched an online platform in 2019.

This platform is to enhance the speed of processing number plate acquisition throughout the country and also to propel the government’s agenda of digitising the economy.

Like any other novelty, using this online system becomes a bit difficult for first-time users.

In this article, we shall take you through the process of registering for the online portal.

How To Register On the DVLA Portal

  1. To register on the portal, visit
  2. Click “signup free” at the bottom of the Sign-in page.
  3. Select Individual in the Popup menu.
  4. When the new applicant registration form opens, fill in the following under the Basic Information tab:
    1. Your title (Mr./Mrs)
    2. Select Your Gender (Male or female)
    3. Enter your accurate date of birth. (Day, Month and Year)
    4. Where you were born (Place of birth)
    5. Your surname, your first name,
    6. Your employer’s name (Example GES, Self-employee)
    7. Select your nationality and enter your middle name (If any)
    8. Enter your previous name (Any other name you’ve had before a name change )
    9. Select the type of ID Card you want to use for identity (Voters ID, National ID, Health Insurance, SSNIT or Passport).
  5. Enter the ID card number in the ID No. column
  6. Click on Next
  7. Under the Contact Information Tab, Enter the following information:
    1. Enter your postal address in the boat box column (P.O. Box 23)
    2. Enter the town of the postal address in the city column (Example, Kaneshie – Accra)
    3. Select your region from the drop-down list. (The list still contains only 10 regions so choose the original region from which your new region was created if this applies to you)
    4. Enter your email address in the email address column
    5. Enter the name of your area in the “suburb” column (Example: Otamens-Kasoa)
    6. Enter your street address in the “street address” column.
    7. Enter your house number
    8. Enter your full mobile phone number in mobile no. Column.
    9. In case of any other number, enter it into the second mobile number column.
  8. Click on next to move to the next step.
  9. Under the Account Credentials Tab, enter the following information:
  10. In the user name column, enter a name you can easily recollect.
  11. Enter a preferred password in the password column.
  12. Repeat the password in the “confirm password” column.
  13. Click next to move on

On the next page, you’ll view all the details you had entered in the previous three pages. Check to be sure that everything is in place and click on next. If you have any wrongly entered data, you can click on the edit button at the top of each table to edit before moving on.

You’ll see your portal open after the previous step and then you can access all your services.


I believe this article was helpful to you in your quest to register for an online portal for DVLA in Ghana. In subsequent posts, we shall write about how to book specific services from your portal. Kindly share your comments in the comment box below.

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