How to remove the background from the picture?

Today there are many paid and free services for removing the background from the image. Choose based on the tasks you have set and calculate the time for processing, saving photos. 

The most popular image processing service is the well-known Photoshop. The huge functionality allows you to remove the background, unnecessary objects, adjust the image or part of it, and much more with the help of various tools presented on the panel, which will take months to study. Therefore, we will tell you the most famous and fastest ones below, you can combine them to achieve the highest quality effect and solve the tasks. Remember, the main thing is practice.

If Photoshop is difficult for you or there is no way to use it, you can use the Canva program. This is an online service, in order to use it, you need to register and, if necessary, pay for the necessary functions.

How to use this service?

In Canva, you can use templates to create visual content, as well as process photos and solve many other tasks that are also available in Photoshop.

If you need to remove the background from the image, you need to go to the “Effects” section and select the Background Remover function and the background will disappear, and the desired objects will remain. And to download an image with a transparent background, check the box next to the “Transparent background” item before saving. In this case, the image will be saved with a transparent background in PNG format.


There is also a Crello service, very similar to Canva. You can also use it if you need to edit the image. To remove the background in Crello, you only need to do 4 steps:

  • Select the image you want to edit and upload it to the service;
  • On the top toolbar, select the “Remove Background” button and click;
  • If you need to replace the background, upload a new one or use the library of the service and select the necessary image or leave the background transparent;
  • Save the image in the desired format.

Other services

To prepare an image for social networks, a blog, an advertisement, a portfolio, an online store — or just a collage or a greeting card – you may need to remove or replace the background. It turns out that for this you do not need to contact a freelance designer or master complex programs like Adobe Photoshop yourself. There are tools that solve the problem automatically and online — even without any lasso and magic wands. is a specialized online service for removing background on images. A friendly interface, a lot of examples and the ability to immediately try out artificial intelligence on your picture.


  • Automatic deletion in a few seconds and without unnecessary clicks – you can simply drag any file from your computer;
  • High-quality processing of various objects: cars, people, goods, animals, etc. Resizing, cropping and straightening, retouching, various filters and effects;
  • Save stylish and high-quality images and graphics in one click and with high quality;
  • Zero cost: Make the background transparent or remove the background from the image with our background removal technology for free.

If you need to quickly remove or change the background, but do not want to delve into the essence of other applications, use the service to get a high-quality result.

Photo Scissors

Photo Scissors is a specialized online service to remove the background from a picture or photo. Developers consider simplicity and convenience to be the main advantages of the product. 

However, in order to download images in high quality, you will need to register and buy an internal currency – the so-called credits. One-piece doesn’t cost that much and besides, it all depends on the purchase amount: the more, the cheaper. It is not necessary to spend all the credits at once: they will not burn out for a year after the purchase.

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