How to Remove Watermark from a PDF for Free

Watermarks are often used to protect PDF documents and can be problematic if you need to print or use the file in another way that prevents the watermark from being shown.

Here’s how to remove watermarks from PDFs for free so you can copy and paste, convert, save, and otherwise work with your PDF files.

What is a PDF

A pdf is a type of file that can contain information in either a text-based or a graphical format. It is a native format used by Adobe Acrobat and many online document sharing services like Google Docs and SlideShare. One of the great things about pdf files is that they are generally non-editable.

What is a watermark

A watermark is an image or pattern in the background of a document. The original intent was to protect documents from being re-copied without permission, but watermarks also serve as branding and advertising.

When you’re looking at a document it can be hard to read the words, so some people will try to remove or hide the watermark by either creating a new document with white space where the watermark should be or use a photo editing software such as Photoshop.

Why do we put watermarks on PDF

Watermarking is a popular practice among photographers and graphic designers who wish to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of their work.

Once watermarked, the creator retains ownership over the file and can take legal action against those who share it without permission. It’s also possible that the company you work for may ask you to put a watermark on all documents created on its equipment.

Either way, removing a watermark is important in order to prevent infringement of copyright laws.

Can watermarks be removed on PDF?

Watermarking and legal disclaimers are often a necessary part of any copyright protection, but sometimes these can be a bit jarring when you’re trying to read the document.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can remove watermarks from your PDF files with no cost at all.

How to Remove Watermark from a PDF for Free

1. Remove using MS Word on foxit

  • Go to Foxit, scroll all the way down to the footer section of the page, and click on PDF to Word under the Online PDF column.
  • Drag and drop or upload your PDF file, then click on Start Conversion.
  • You’ll see a success message pop up, click on Download your file.
  • Now, open the converted file in Microsoft Word.
  • Word may warn you about potential compatibility issues when converting your PDF to Word. Review it and click OK.
  • Click on Enable Editing.
  • Go to the Ribbon area and click Design, then click Watermark in the right-hand corner.
  • When done, go to the bottom right of your screen and click Remove watermark.
  • Click on the watermark, then press Delete, and voilà, your watermark is removed. In some cases, you may have to select and delete the watermark letter by letter.
  • When done, save the file as PDF and you have your watermark-free PDF.

2. Remove using Google docs

  • Sign in to your Google Drive account and click on the + New button.
  • Click on File Upload and select the watermarked PDF file.
  • You’ll see an “…upload complete” notification in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Click on the filename.
  • A preview will be generated. Click on the Open with drop-down at the top of the page.
  • Click on Google Docs.
  • If the watermark is not automatically removed, click on it > select it > press Delete on your keyboard.
  • Click on File, select Download, then click on PDF Document and your watermark-free PDF will be saved to your computer.

NB: If a PDF file is encrypted, you’ll need to unlock it before you can remove the watermark.

Watermark is used to hold copyright of peopels content. Removing a watermark is important in order to prevent infringement of copyright laws. However, you shouldn’t use the steps to abuse peoples works and misuse them wrongfully.

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