How to Renew your Ghana Passport in the UK

Your Ghanaian passport is your prized possession which signifies to the world that you are a citizen of Ghana, so it is not surprising that you would want to know how to renew your Ghana passport in the UK.

If you have lost your Ghanaian passport or it has been stolen or damaged then knowing how to renew your passport from the UK is important.

This article will provide all the steps to renew your passport and help you overcome any errors or issues you may come across during this process.

Renewing your passport as a Ghanaian whiles in UK

Visit your local passport office

The first step is to locate your nearest passport office. You can find a list of passport offices on the Royal Mail website.

Once you know where your nearest office is, you will need to make an appointment for an interview. Appointments are not necessary for renewals but it does give you a chance to talk with someone about what you need or any questions that may come up.

Fill out application form for renewal of expired passport

Details of application form for renewal of expired passport can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana. You will be provided assistance at the local passport office incase you face any difficulties.

Provide supporting documents

The supporting documents vary depending on your situation. If you are renewing your passport by post, you will need to include two passport photographs and a photocopy of your old passport. The application form must be completed and signed before it is sent back.

Submit documents and application form

You are now done filling your forms and making payment. You will then have to submit your supporting document in addition to the application form to the appropriate sector for processing. It is advisable to make photocopies for future reference.

Pay fees

Payment of fees can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. You are can also make enquiries on the available method on how to make payment at your local passport office.

Receive renewed passport

A time and date will be given after submission. When time is due, your renewed passport will be available for pickup.


Expired passport is an invalid one and thats why its important to renew your expired passport wherever you find yourself.

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