How to Renew your Ghana Passport in the USA

As a Ghanaian citizen in the United States, you’re legally required to have your passport renewed on a regular basis.

As long as you reside in the United States and are not planning to permanently return to Ghana, it’s important to follow these steps to renew your passport in the U.S.

Renewing your passport as a Ghanaian whiles in USA

Visit any Ghana embassy close to you

To renew your passport in the US, you can choose to visit a Ghana embassy in USA physically. However, if you cannot get to the embassy, you can do the whole process online and get it through the mail.

Fill out passport renewal application form

There are various application foam to fill when it comes to passport and since yours is the renewal, you fill out passport renewal forms.

It requires information about your biography and parents. You will also have to give names and contacts of guarantors who can vouch for your identity.

Provide other supporting documents

Attach the necessary documents that will be specified in the form by the Ghana passport office in USA Such as;

  • Previous Ghanaian passport.
  • Documents to support identity (originals only) such as School Certificate, Driver’s License, Employment/Student / Other I.D. Cards.

NB: Incase of a change of name, it must be supported by duly authenticated documents such as deed polls or affidavit and statutory declarations and marriage/divorce certificates.

Submit supporting documents and application form

Complete it with all the relevant details and submit completed application form and proof of payment. You could choose to mail it to the embassy by mail or submit in person.

Pay fees

Renewal fee as at the time of writing this is $130 but depending on when you are doing it, it might have changed so check the Ghana embassy to USA website for new prizes. Payment can be made online, through bank or at the passport office in your state.

Receive renewed passport

Processing takes 8 weeks. After it has been successfully processed you will be notified to come pick up your renewed passport.


You dont necessarily have to travel to Ghana before you can renyou your passport in USA. Following the steps above will help you do so whiles you are still in the USA.

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