How To Reply To A Whatsapp Chat Without Appearing Online

We normally ignore Whatsapp messages when we are too busy to be online to have a long chat. Sometimes we might be interrupted from what we are doing immediately we get online to reply to a chat we don’t want at the said time.

We mostly ignore chats in order to not let our contacts from seeing we are online and dragging us into long conversations. In fact, there are several ways of replying to a chat without being noticed you are online.

There are two ways you can follow to reply to messages without being online. Continue reading to know the steps.

Reply While Offline

When you receive a message you don’t want to reply to lead you in long conversations, there are few things you can do to reply without anyone noticing your online status.

Firstly, disable all connections to the internet be it WiFi or Mobile Network data on your phone. Open WhatsApp and tap on the chat you want to reply to. Write and send your message.

Close WhatsApp and reconnect back to the internet. WhatsApp will automatically send the message without you being online. WhatsApp runs on the background and foreground.

When running background, it is able to process your incoming and outgoing messages, that is why when you are not online and someone messages you, you receive a notification.

Notification Reply

Smartphones running Android 7 or higher, can reply to messages through their notification panel. Once you receive a Whatsapp notification, open the drop-down menu to reply to the message directly without opening the WhatsApp messenger.

Messages will be sent just like you being in the app. Your online status will not show too.

Reply Messages From Lock screen (Android)

You can reply to messages on Android without appearing online. When you receive a notification whiles your phone is on the lock screen, tap on the down arrow of the WhatsApp message you want to reply to.

Tap on reply, and type in your message you want to send. Some phones may demand you to type in your unlock code before you can reply.

The message will be sent without you appearing online.

Reply Messages From Lock screen (iOS)

On iPhone, Swipe left to the message you want to reply to. Tap on the view option, type your message, and press send. Your message will be delivered without you being online.


In some days, we get too busy to stick to our phone in as much we even have to ignore certain messages we receive. Sometimes replying to those messages whiles online will lead to a long conversation.

Some messages might be too important to reply, but going online will open the way for others to chat with you which we want to ignore. In such occasions or instances, we can make use of the solutions in this article to reply to your messages without going online.

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