How to reset Samsung tablet

A factory reset is a simple process of restoring your device to its original settings. This procedure can be used to fix various technical issues with your device and can be a useful troubleshooting tool for any problems you are experiencing. Resetting your Samsung tablet can be a quick and easy process that helps you restore your device to its original factory settings. Whether you’re dealing with persistent software issues or simply want to start fresh, it’s important to know the steps for properly resetting your Samsung tablet.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of performing a factory reset on your Samsung tablet. This will erase all data, settings, and apps from your device, so it is important to back up any important files before performing the reset.

What you should know before resetting a Samsung tablet

When you reset a Samsung tablet, it will be restored to its factory state. All your data and linked accounts will be removed, and you will have to set up the device like new.

  1. A factory reset will not downgrade your Samsung device to an older build. It will remain on the last installed firmware.
  2. A factory reset will not void the warranty of your device.
  3. A factory reset will not resolve any hardware issues that you are facing.

How to factory reset a Samsung tablet

Backing up your files should be the first thing to do when you want to reset your Samsung tablet. You can back up your device using a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, or take advantage of other backup solutions. If you’re having trouble with your Samsung tablet, resetting it may help.

Factory reset your Samsung tablet using the reset settings

You can use your tablet’s settings to perform a factory reset. Here’s how to do this:

  1. On your Samsung tablet, go to Settings
  2. Locate General Management
  3. Hit on Reset.
  4. Tap Factory data reset. You’ll see a list of apps and accounts installed on your device that would be deleted during the reset process.
  5. Scroll down and tap Reset. If prompted, enter your lock screen pattern or code.
  6. Tap Delete all.
  7. Your device will shut down. The reset procedure will take a few minutes, after which your device will reboot automatically.
  8. Once done, you can set up your tablet from scratch once again.

Factory reset your Samsung tablet using recovery mode

Recovery mode is just a simple way of accessing some settings on your Samsung phone without needing to locate settingused. s and getting confused. Depending on your device model, you will need to use the correct combination of keys or buttons when performing a factory reset. To use this method, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Switch off your device using the Power button.
  2. Once it has shut down, press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time for a few seconds. The Samsung logo screen will come up, and your device will enter into recovery mode.
  3. You can now view a list of shortcuts in recovery mode. Press the Volume down button to highlight the option Wipe data/factory reset.
  4. You will also see a warning prompt to save your Google account credentials before attempting a hard reset.
  5. Make sure you have saved your Google account details, and then press the Power key to select the highlighted option.
  6. On the confirmation screen, tap Yes to wipe all user data.
  7. Wait a few seconds for the reset process to complete. On the recovery page, tap Reboot system now.
  8. Once the process is completed, press the Power key to reboot it.
  9. After the reset, you might need to provide your Google account credentials to set it up again. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit the Google account recovery website to reset it.
  10. Once done, you can set up your tablet from scratch once again.

How to backup your files before resetting your Samsung tablet

Unless you don’t need the files on the Samsung tablet before resetting, backup is very important in a reset process. With backup, you are assure to recover back everything on the phone before resetting. Your photos,, your emails, your files, your musics and alot. If you will be needing all these things again after resetting your phone, then it is advisable to backup before resetting.

1. Backup using Samsung cloud

Samsung cloud might not be your first backup choice but as a Samsung user, it is also your closest choice. In using a Samsung device, you have a Samsung cloud space where you can register and get yourself a Samsung account login. With the cloud assessable, you can backup your files right away before resetting your tablet.

You can backup things such as important device settings, home screen pages, apps, and calendar entries on the tablet, files, folders, pictures, browser history, etc After resetting, you just login back to your Samsung cloud and you recover your backup data. To use the Samsung cloud,

  1. Locate Onedrive on your Samsung tablet and create and account.
  2. Open the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down and select Accounts and backup.
  4. Under Samsung Cloud, select Back up data.
  5. Proceed to enable the toggles for all the items you’d like to back up.
  6. Tap the “Back up now” option to create a backup that’s automatically synced to the cloud.
  7. If you had previously set up Samsung Cloud, your device would be automatically backed up.
  8. A backup occurs when the device is on charge, connected to Wi-Fi, and the screen is off.
  9. Once backup is complete, you will be notified and can now proceed to resetting your device.

2. Backup using Google drive

Google drive is the most popular and used backup system among android or Gmail account users. Google drive is easy, safe and convenient toe as your backup friend. All you need is your email address and you can backup your files right before resetting your Samsung tablet. To backup using Google drive;

  1. Go to settings
  2. Scroll down and click on Account and backup
  3. Tap on Backup and restore
  4. In the next menu, select Google account.
  5. Click on account storage and select the email you want to backup on
  6. Toggle on backup with Google if it has been toggled off.
  7. Click backup now
  8. Wait for some minutes for your files and data to finish backing up.


Resetting your Samsung tablet has its good side and bad side. Before you will think of resetting your phone, then it means your device needs a fresh start but don’t forget to reset your tablet without thinking of backup. You can follow the steps below to reset your phone and to backup your files before resetting in order to be on the safer side of not loosing your important files.

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