How To Save Things Online So You Can Check Them Out Later

You might be busy maybe working or doing something important and then you will come across a very interesting video or article that caught your attention but you can not stop what you are doing to watch or read. What most people do is find a way to save it so that they can watch later (click here to avail best usave broadband deals).

We will all attest to the fact that we have come across a very interesting video or article that we wanted to read but was busy at that time and scrolled off only later to come and search for it and find out that it’s not there again.

I remember there was a time that it was few days to my best friend birthday, I saw a very interesting birthday video that I thought sending to him on his special day would be great, as I was about to save it my hands accidentally scrolled and refreshed the feeds and this video was nowhere to be found again, I search and searched and I couldn’t find this interesting video.

Maybe it has also happened to you before, in this article, I am going to enlighten you on How to save things online so you can check them out later

DM It To Yourself

Create a group on WhatsApp and then take it as your personal notes, WhatsApp won’t let you create a group without adding anybody so what you need to do is to create by adding one number and after successfully creating this group then you remove the person, this will make you the only person in the group and then start using this group to store moments that you will want to read later.

So when you come across a very interesting article or video, then you share to WhatsApp and select your personal group to access it later.

Save To Read Later Using Chrome

You can save a video or a website when you are reading or watching it on your chrome browser. Simply open the link of that article and then tap on the three dots on the top right behind the address bar and select the download icon to save the page for offline viewing.

After saving a page for offline viewing, you can come and read later even without internet.


Taking a screenshot of a funny photo or a quote is one of the common things you will always find me doing, screenshotting it saves your time and make you continue with what you were doing, when you are finally free then you can visit your gallery to see what you captured.


After going through this article I believe you are never going to miss a link or funny video or photo because you will know how to save it and later watch or view it.

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