How To Scan Your Digital TV For Channels In Ghana

There goes the “No Signal” sign again, the most frustrating moment when you are watching your favorite TV show. Digital channels are always on and off with a bad installation and many Ghanaians face this issue.

Now don’t get too upset to sell or smash your TV, you may guess your TV is failing to catch digital channels due to an internal fault or a broken antenna or dish.

Don’t worry, we are going to cover a lot in this article, providing you with step-by-step guide to successfully scan for your digital channels in Ghana.

What You Need for Scanning Digital Channels in Ghana

You will need a TV with an inbuilt decoder like Hisense, Bruhm, Samsung etc. Also, the most important tool you will need is the TV or Digibox remote control.

That’s it, you won’t need any engineer toolkit for scanning digital channels. It is only advised to purchase a new remote to replace your faulty or missing one.

Steps to Scan Your TV for Digital Channels

You’ve got your TV and remote, now what u have to do is follow the below steps:

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • At the settings menu, search for ‘Channel Scan’ or similar option like ‘Rescan’ or ‘ Auto-tune’ in the options.
  • Select the ‘Auto Tuning’ option and choose Ghana as your country.
  • Finally, choose either ‘DVB-T’ or ‘DVB-T2’ and select ‘Start Scan’ to begin the scanning process.
  • The scan can take up to 5-8 minutes, so you can now wait with excitement to enjoy your newly scanned channels.

Troubleshooting Common Scanning Problems

Most cases there are common problems that will prevent you from having a successful channel scan. These problems can be solved fast by taken these steps:

  • Check Antenna Connection: If your antenna is not connected well to the coaxial port on the TV you won’t be able to scan any channels. In rare cases the antenna cable may be broken and you will have to replace it with a new one. So check to see if the antenna cable is connected properly to the TV.
  • Check Position of Antenna: If your antenna isn’t positioned in the right edge you won’t get a good signal strength. Is best to position your antenna outdoors to get a good signal strength.
  • Check Compatibility of Antenna: Not all TV’s support the same antenna. Most require a smart antenna for optimized performance. An example is the Go TV antenna. Just visit a TV shop and ask for Go TV antenna which is very affordable.

Understanding Digital TV Frequencies in Ghana

Now that you know how to scan for digital channels, is best to familiarize yourself with the concept of frequency bands as it will help you in any future digital channel installation.

In Ghana there are two main frequency bands, namely UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency).
UHF bands are typically used for digital TV broadcasting, while VHF bands are often reserved for FM radio and analog TV.

The UHF band ranges from 300 MHz to 3 GHz, and is used for modern digital television. The VHF band spans from 30 MHz to 300 MHz, suitable for FM radio and traditional analog television. Both bands are essential for broadcasting services in Ghana.

When you scan for digital channels in Ghana with your TV or decoder such as Multi TV, Strong TV or Nasco all available channels are within these two frequency range.

Tips to get more channels on your Digital TV

You can get more channels with proper configuration of scanning Digital channels, follow the tips outlined and get more channels:

  1. Install Your Antenna Correctly: As discussed in the troubleshooting topic a good antenna position will add more channels to your Digital TV. Always ensure a good antenna position for a better signal strength.
  2. Scan for Channels: Use your TV’s setup menu to search for new channels with the ‘Auto tune’ option often.
  3. Adjust Your Satellite Dish: Align your satellite dish accurately to catch more channels.
  4. Manual Tuning: If auto-tuning fails, manually adjust your dish and decoder to find channels.


Digital TV channels in Ghana are always stable with a good installation of your antenna or dish with good troubleshooting measures. By following our simple tips you can get more channels, stable signal connection and enhance your understanding of digital TV frequencies.

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