How to See the Date You Became Friends with Someone on Facebook

The most well-known social networking site where you may establish an account and add contacts is Facebook. When you add someone you know, you can view the photos, videos, status updates, posts they’ve liked and commented on, as well as posts they’ve shared.

If you’ve had Facebook for a while, you’ve definitely added a ton of friends throughout the years. You may view your friendship with someone since you added them on Facebook by looking at your history with them. You may view all of the posts you’ve shared with them, tagged them in, etc., taking you on a trip down memory lane.

How to check when you became someone’s facebook friend

You may use the activity log and the friendship function on a friend’s Facebook page to check when you became friends with someone on Facebook. This will enable you to be able to view the day, month, and year that you each accepted the friend request.

You may find out how long you’ve been a Facebook friend with someone by using certain methods. The question “remember the date you promised to be their friend?” is one such example of such an approach.

To find your most recent anniversary with a friend, use the other option, which uses the Activity Log feature. If you use the Friendship feature on your own Facebook page, you can find out when you first became friends, as well as other details like the posts you’ve shared, the friends you’ve connected with, and the pictures you’ve both been tagged in. You can also find out these details by using the Friendship feature on a friend’s page on Facebook.

How to find out when and in what month you become friends with someone

  1. Search for the person you wish to view on Facebook using a web browser.
  2. Select See Friendship by clicking the three dotted lines next to Message.
  3. Your friend-making month and year will be listed on the left.

How to Determine the Exact Date You Became Friends

The month and year you previously located may be used to traverse a calendar and utilize it to identify the precise day, even though this approach is much more time-consuming because you’ll have to scroll through one.

  1. Select Activity Log under your profile.
  2. Choose More from the left column.
  3. Friends can be found in the left column.
  4. On the calendar on the right, choose a year.
  5. You may view the precise day that someone becomes your buddy.

By using the social engineering Method to find out how long you became friends with someone

By enquiring about their opinion of your friendship with them.

You may always ask them if you can’t recall when you became friends with them on Facebook. To keep track of how long they’ve been friends on Facebook, some users set up friend anniversaries on their pages.

If a friend recalls when you first became friends, you should also create a friend anniversary so you never forget.

Set up your anniversary as soon as the friend informs you of the date because it will depend on whether or not you can remember accepting their friend request. Facebook will let you know when that date is getting closer by sending you an alert.

A message will show on your Timeline to remind you that you have been friends for a year once it has been a year since you accepted that specific person’s friend request. On that particular post, you can also see the year that you two became friends.

Take a look at your initial Messenger message to them.

You may always check the date you sent someone a Facebook Messenger message to discover when you two became friends.

Facebook Messenger should now be visible on your smartphone. The home icon may be seen in the bottom left corner; click it to get back to the home screen.

You may see a list of every user you’ve ever communicated with, arranged by the time you first interacted with them, on the home screen (most recent ones first).

On this list, look for the name of the person whose earlier messages you want to read, then tap on their name to access their messages.

The most recent discussion they had with you will be forwarded to you. Moving forward, you will need to scroll down to find the messages you were searching for.

Downloading your Facebook data is an option if you don’t enjoy scrolling. Here is how;

  1. Access Facebook.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you may download a copy of your data.
  3. After entering your password, wait for Facebook to give you a link to the file’s download.
  4. After entering it once more, wait until the download is finished.
  5. Please extract/unzip the file you downloaded before opening it and entering your login information in the corresponding area. After that, an “index.html” HTML file will appear, which you should open.
  6. When it opens, select the Messages tab to access everything. Hopefully, your PC has the processing power to access every Facebook message you have!

Take a look at the times you have tagged them in things.

When a person is specifically mentioned in a Facebook post, a link to their profile is established, allowing everyone to learn more about them. This is known as a tag.

When posting a text message or leaving a remark, you can add someone by using the @ symbol and their name. If you want to get a general notion of when you first became friends with someone, look through the photographs you’ve tagged them in.

You must go to their page if you are unsure if you have ever tagged someone. Click on the profile after typing the name of a Facebook friend into the search bar.

Select “Photographs” to view the photos. This section will display all of the images and videos that this user has been tagged in.

Since the quantity of information you can see is controlled by the person’s privacy settings, which you have no control over, you might not be able to see all of the photographs.

You will be able to determine the date, which will show when your Facebook relationship started if you see a familiar photo that you tagged the person in.


There are several techniques on Facebook to discover how you met someone. enabling you to remember each year when you first befriended someone There is an anniversary function on Facebook. We hope that these choices will be helpful.

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