How to See Who Reposted/Shared Your Tiktok

Unquestionably, TikTok has developed into a hub for viral online content, especially in the last year, as various communities, trends, and songs have benefited from the app’s enormous user base.

You could be a TikTok creator who is curious in being able to know who shared their TikTok. However, there isn’t a mechanism in place right now to assist you in doing so.

You might wonder if you can identify who specifically shared your video on social media or with a friend because TikTok heavily relies on users sharing videos to increase total app traffic.

On TikTok Pro, you may view your demography and the number of shares if you have a Pro account. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to find out the names of specific accounts that share a video.

Does Tiktok allow you to know who shared your videos?

Unfortunately, even if you have a Tiktok pro account, you won’t get a precise list of everyone who has shared your clips. This occurs because it is against Tiktok’s policies on privacy and protection.

On the other hand, depending on the person’s privacy settings, if you have ever used a Facebook page, you are aware of how simple it is to view the shares of your friends’ accounts.

How can I find out who shared my Tiktok video?

Actually, there is no screen or option that allows you to see who posted a particular video of you. You probably won’t notice all of your friends sharing your material, but you can look into more specific user data.

How can I see how many people have shared my TikTok video?

Finding who shared your tiktok video shouldnt be much of a struggle. To check that,

  1. Log into your account’s settings
  2. Open your Tiktok account and select “Profile Account”
  3. Now, choose the three dots menu.
  4. Change to a Pro account on Tiktok
  5. You may locate it directly in the menu.
  6. Press the instantly changing option.
  7. By doing this, new Tiktok pro account settings will be unlocked.
  8. Go to the analytic area and choose the “Shares” option.
  9. This will show you how your account is broken out.

Can I see if someone post my Tiktok videos

When a video is shared, the app does notify the original poster, but it doesn’t provide any information about the user who shared it. You won’t be able to identify the person who shared your Tiktok, even though you will be aware that it was shared.

NB: It’s worth mentioning that TikTok’s privacy policy does warn that the app may gather and share your personal information with other parties, which might be annoying if you’re trying to find a specific user who uploaded your video.

TikTok does alert users when their films are shared, but it doesn’t provide any information about the user who did it.


Tiktok is an interesting and entertaining app to use. Now, finding out who shared your tiktok video should not be a difficult task if you use the steps above.

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