How To Seek And Gain Employment On Facebook


Majority of us know Facebook as a platform for reading timeline posts, liking and commenting on photos as well as chatting with friends.

Well, this is not entirely false. But, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, with over 2 billion users worldwide is far more than just a fun and chatting app.

Facebook has other functions such as a marketplace for selling, digital stores for advertising and selling, business accounts for creating employment and organizing business at no cost.

One of the functions of the business aspect of the Facebook society is job seeking.

In this article, we shall take you through how to seek jobs on Facebook. Both local or international job opportunities can be searched for on Facebook.

In order to be able to do this, you must first of all have an existing account with Facebook.

How To Find Jobs On Facebook

1. Scroll through your newsfeed, you should see a row of jobs with the caption “jobs nearby”

2. In case you don’t see this, type “Jobs” in the search bar

3. Select “See all” under the “jobs nearby” tab

4. Enter the kind of job you want in the “title” search bar

5. select your preferred job offer from the list.

6. Read through the job description and salary.

7. Click on “Apply now” if you are okay with the details.

8. Edit your details to suite the position you’re interested in. You can also add new job experiences here.

9. Once done, answer the compulsory question at the bottom of the page (if any) in clear terms which explains how best you understand.

10. Click on send.

11. Check your inbox for any feedback from the company seeking employees.

Conclusion: With the Facebook jobs option, you get to choose the locations from which you want to be shown job offers. Also, you can be interviewed right on Facebook via the messenger app. Your prospective employer can use the schedule interview option in their Facebook business window to plan an online interview with you in real-time.

With this service, you can acquire international jobs. Both part-time and full-time jobs are available.

Do not be convinced by any employer on Facebook to make payments for anything before you gain employment with them. For as much as Facebook jobs are an easy way to seek job online, it could be an avenue for some unscrupulous people to try defrauding unsuspecting job seekers. So be extra careful when dealing with them.

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