How to sell or market your products and services on Tonaton

One of the widely known and used websites in Ghana is It is the second-highest ranked site in Ghana where you can buy things from, just behind Jumia.

As such, trading on Tonaton is one of the ideas every enterprising business person in Ghana should look out for.

However, the idea of selling on Tonaton comes with a set procedure which is usually not available to all.

So, in this article, we take you through how to sell on Tonaton easily.

How to advertise and sell on Tonaton

  1. Visit
  2. Click on post your ad
  3. Click on “signup via email”
  4. Select what you wish to sell
  5. Post your product/service
  6. Start selling

Signup Procedure

  • To signup for a seller account on Tonaton,
  • Fill in your name (Full name)
  • Enter your preferred email address (Valid)
  • Enter the password you wish to use
  • Re-enter the password again to confirm.
  • Click on signup

Selecting Product Or Service To Sell

After creating your account and logging in, the next step is for you to set up your ad. So, for the sake of your understanding and to make this simpler for you, let’s go through the steps involved here.

  1. Under the “sell something” tab, select “sell an item or service”
  2. Select the category your product or service belongs to. If it’s a car, select vehicle. If it’s a phone, select electronics.
  3. Select your city or town in the next set of options that open up for you. First, select your region and your town or district from the list.
  4. Add a clear photo of your product with the “add photo”. Make sure to upload an original photo with very clear details of your product.
  5. Choose the condition of your product (is it brand new or used).
  6. Select the model of the product.
  7. Key in the edition or year of manufacture of the product on sale in the “edition” column.
  8. Choose from the list of features available for your product, the ones that are applicable.
  9. Enter a full and enticing description of your products. Your description shouldn’t be more than 5,000 characters long.
  10. Indicate the price of your product.
  11. Mark the “negotiable” box if you want your price to be negotiated by prospective customers.
  12. Add your phone number or phone numbers which you wish to be contacted on. You may choose to display this contact to everyone by not selecting the “hide phone number” option. But if you do otherwise, the phone number will be hidden from the general public who do not request or click on it.
  13. Click on post ad and wait for your ad to go live.

Some rules to observe when posting ads on Tonaton

Tonaton has some simple rules and regulations that must be followed when posting ads on Tonaton. When flouted, you stand the chance of being kicked out or your ads being taken down.

Kindly read through these rules and regulations before advertising.

  •  Post not the same ads within seven days of your initial post.
  •  Make sure not put up ads that contain more than one product except it’s been sold in a pack or bulk.
  •  Do not upload pictures which contain watermarks or tiny texts in the background.
  •  Post your ad in the right category so as not to mislead people.
  •  Do not add your email address or phone number in the description box of your ad.


Selling on Tonaton is very simple and easy to do with thousands of ads being posted every single day.

Also, you get the chance to reach more people by paying a little fee to Tonaton so your ads are shown on relevant search pages by prospective customers. Tonaton is undoubtedly one of the best ways to sell your products online in Ghana.

You may also advertise or sell your services on Tonaton. Interesting right? Kindly read through the article carefully and study the rules so as to enjoy your time of trading on Tonaton.

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