How To Sell Your Products On Jumia Ghana

With the internet phenomenon becoming widely popular, E-commerce has become the biggest shareholder in the business world.

In Ghana, there are few e-commerce sites that one could choose from as far as selling is concerned. One of such sites is Jumia.

Unfortunately, due to the structure of Jumia, which is rather unlike its competitors – Tonaton and Jiji, very few people know of the fact that anyone could sell on Jumia.

In this article, we take you through how to start selling your products on Jumia and start making some extra income.

How to sell on Jumia Ghana

The first process in the lineup to selling on Jumia Ghana is the registration process. Here is how to register to sell on Jumia.

  1. Visit the Jumia Seller Center
  2. Fill in your personal details and a business name
  3. Enter your business information
  4. Fill in your payment details
  5. Review and confirm your details on the summary page
  6. Confirm your Jumia Seller account via email

Let’s break the whole process down so you can understand it clearly.

Visit the Jumia Seller Center

Visit the Jumia seller center here: Once you have successfully visited the page, click on the registration button just below the login form.

You will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your details.

Fill in your personal details and a business name

Fill in the details on the first page of the registration window.

These details include your full name – Firstname first, your phone number, the name you wish to use for your Jumia shop – your business name, your WhatsApp line or any other phone number, the email address of the one who referred you (you can use [email protected]).

Enter your own email address (make sure the email address isn’t used for another seller account.).

Retype the email address to confirm. Type your preferred secure password. Retype the password to confirm.

Select the I have read and accepted the agreement privacy policy box.

Click continue.

Enter your Business information

Select the form of your business. Examples: Limited liability, Public company or select the third option if your business belongs to none of the first two.

Enter the physical address of your business in address line 1.

Indicate the city or town in which your business is located.

Select your country (Ghana)

Enter your zip code (00233)

Enter your business registration number (If applicable)

Upload a PDF File or JPEG Image of your business certificate. (If applicable)

Enter your TIN (Tax Identification Number)

If you’re registered for VAT, select yes in the next space. If not, select no.

Upload a document or image of your vat registration.

Enter your Legal Name Or Business Name

You can either skip this step and move to payment details or click on continue.

Fill In Your Payment Details

Select your preferred payment method (MTN Mobile money, A number of local banks and Payoneer)

Enter the name associated with the selected payment method. (account holder’s name)

Enter your account number or mobile money number

Enter your bank code, IBAN or Swift for international banks. (contact your bank for information on these)

Click on “Continue” to go to the final page, or click on “skip this step” so you could set it up later.

Review and confirm your details on the summary page

On the summary page of your registration, read through the various data given and be sure to have typed everything accurately.

Edit any data that was wrongly entered.

Click on “Start selling” at the bottom.

Confirm your Jumia Seller account via email

You should receive an email from Jumia ghana within few seconds of submitting the final form.

Check your mailbox, open the email and click the activation link in the mail to activate your account.

Learning the Jumia Process

Due to the complex nature of Jumia’s trading platform which is actually easier when you understand, Jumia has a free training facility for all its sellers.

Jumia has an offline training for its sellers on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 AM each day at the head office – The Evita, opposite American House, Boundary road – East Legon.

When going, take along with you at least 10 products of yours for a free professional photoshoot and brand verification.

Jumia also has online training for people who are far away from Accra or those who find it generally difficult to visit the office.

For this option, search for “Jumia Vendor University” channel on YouTube, subscribe and watch the videos to verify your brand and take the final steps to sell on Jumia.

Items That Cannot Be Sold On Jumia

There are some few items that cannot be sold on Jumia. Such products include:

  • Health-related items
  • Weapons
  • Adult toys (Sex toys)
  • Explosives
  • Live plants and animals
  • Copyright-infringed works
  • Tobacco products and cigarettes
  • Nude images


Selling on Jumia is a bit easier than other platforms as Jumia doesn’t charge its customers upfront.

Jumia uses a revenue-sharing model where you share your profits with them on a commission basis.

Also, the approval process for new customers is manual and may take time.

In case your approval takes more than 3 days or if you face any challenge in registering, you can contact Jumia’s customer care via this number 0302740646 or send them an email at [email protected]

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