How To Send a Message To 256 People At Once On WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the world’s most-used instant messaging platform with billions of users monthly.

Due to its popularity, WhatsApp is used for many forms of communication including business communications, communication amongst friends and family among others.

Some of the most-used features of Whatsapp include Whatsapp groups, Whatsapp chats and Whatsapp status.

However, there is one other feature of WhatsApp that is not very popular but it is very powerful.

You may want to send messages to up to 256 people at once, in an attempt to promote a program, share information or throw an invite to some people.

For most people, the only way to do this on Whatsapp is by adding all recipients to a Whatsapp group and post the message in the group.

Though this may not be wrong. You are unlikely to achieve your objective using this method. Most people hardly attend to group messages.

At the same time, people open personal chats more than group messages.

So, in this article, I shall teach you a way of sending messages to up to 256 people on Whatsapp without adding them to a Whatsapp group. They would also receive the message as an individual message and can respond individually.

How To Send Whatsapp Messages To Upto 256 People Using Broadcast Lists

To use this method, you must make sure that the person you intend sending the message to has your contact saved on their phone and you also have theirs saved on yours.

If they do not have your contact saved on their phones, the message wouldn’t reach them so your effort would be in futility.

Now, here are the steps to follow in setting this up:

On iPhones

  1. Open your Whatsapp application.
  2. On top of your chat list, right below ‘Archived chats’, you’ll see ‘Broadcast Lists’. Click on it
  3. At the bottom of the next page, click on ‘New List’
  4. Add the contacts of the recipients of the message you wish to send.
  5. Indicate a name for the list and select ‘done’

Your list is ready after doing this. To access your list, just follow step one and two again. Then select the list you want to use and send your message there.

On Android Devices

If you own an android phone, yours is slightly different. But the rules still apply to you. Be sure that the recipients have your contact saved on their phones.

  1. Open your Whatsapp application.
  2. Select chats.
  3. Look at the top of the chats. And click on the three dots for ‘more options’
  4. Select ‘New Broadcast’
  5. Add the contacts you wish to add to your broadcast list.
  6. Click on ‘Create’

After this final step, your broadcast list is created and you can start using it.


Sending messages to 256 people or more should not be a hustle anymore, especially with Whatsapp.

Whatsapp groups are good for group discussions but when it comes to sending notices, advertising and sharing information to people and seeking their individual views, Whatsapp groups are less efficient.

With Broadcast lists though, you are covered. You can create as many broadcast lists as you like. Which means you can send messages to some thousands of people using the Broadcast platform at no extra cost.

I believe this article was helpful in making you create and send messages to as many people as possible on Whatsapp without using Whatsapp groups or sending the messages individually.

If you have any questions, reservations or comments, kindly let us know in the comment box below or contact us.

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