How To Send Airtime From One MTN Number To Another

Once upon a time, we either become so generous so as to want to share our airtime with other friends.

At other times, we may have won the heart of someone who might have Sent us some volume of airtime.

The problem however lies in how to send airtime from our phones to that other number directly without the use of mobile money.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. This article has the solution to that problem.

With MTN Me2U service, sending airtime to your family and friends directly from your phone has just been made a lot easier.

Here is how to send airtime via the service.

1. Register For The MTN Me2U Service

To be able to send airtime to anyone, using the Me2U service, you’ll need to register first. Follow these steps to register.

a. Dial *198#

b. Enter ‘1’ to activate

c. Enter a new 4-digits pin

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d. Re-enter the 4-digits pin

e. You’ll get a feedback indicating that you’ve successfully registered for the service.

2. Transfer The Airtime To Your Preferred Contact

After successfully registering for the MTN Me2U service, you can now transfer airtime to any number at all. To do this, follow these few steps:

a. Dial *198# again

b. Select ‘2’ to transfer

c. Enter the receiver’s number (The phone number of the one you’re sending to) and press enter.

d. Enter the whole amount you wish to send to the person. (If you wish to send 15.50 cedis, only type 15 here).

e. Enter the decimal value of the airtime you wish to send to the person. (As explained I’m the previous step, type the decimal value without the dot. I.e (50). If you write it with the dot, you’ll get an error notice).

f. Enter your Me2U pin code.

g.Press 1 to confirm the transaction.

h. You should receive a message indicating the success of the transaction.

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Conclusion: This service can only be used to share airtime from MTN number to MTN number and cannot be used to transfer airtime to any other network. Also, this service cannot be used to share data. This is definitely one of the kindest services MTN Ghana has provided for its customers and we should all be appreciative of this. We hope this article helps you resolve your challenge of sharing airtime with friends and family. Do not forget to share your thoughts.

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